Manchester Street Festival to Go On

By Seth Kinker,

After the initial fear that the fifth annual Manchester Street Festival and Run Manchester event that has taken place on the first Saturday in August since 2013 wouldn’t go on due to a lack of volunteers and sponsors, it was announced last week at the May 21 village council meeting that the race and street festival will go on.

Matt Hall, a teacher and robotics coach at Manchester High School, came to the council meeting to let board members know that the robotics team will be taking on Run Manchester as a fundraiser and community outreach program.

The Manchester Community School Foundation will also join with the robotics team to sponsor the Street Festival that takes place after the run. Planned events for after the run, which includes a 10k, 5k, and fun run, include field day games, a car show, a vendor market, food, and live entertainment among other activities.

Council noted that barricades must be manned for the run and the School Foundation would still need to secure a $3,000,000-dollar insurance policy for the day.

Council also suggested that the race route be reconsidered, discussing variables such as running on the sidewalk or the streets, one suggestion was to revise the route to have runners crossing more school property to eliminate some street closures and reduce deputy costs.

“We’re not opposed to them running in the street,” said Village Manager Jeff Wallace. “The key is they’ve got to work with Sgt. Paul Cook and get enough help to staff the street closures. They’re trying to come up with a route. To close a street one time around for the 5k race works pretty easily but when you’re doing it for the 10k route and blocking these people’s driveways for now over an hour that makes it more difficult so that’s what they’re trying to work around.  It’s just being able to still accommodate the people that live along the route, so they aren’t shut down for an hour or two on race day.

Hall will work with Sgt. Cook to secure a firm run route, as the council passed a motion to close Main Street (M-52 – Washington), Adrian Street (Main – Ockrow), and Clinton Street (Main to Okcrow) from 8am to 7pm to accommodate the street festival.

The Run Manchester/Street Festival will be taking place August 4 from 10am to 5pm, for updates and a lineup of events visit their Facebook page by searching Manchester Street Festival.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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