Manchester Township Continues to Talk Broadband

By Seth Kinker,

Last week Trustees on the Manchester Township board continued the Broadband discussion pertaining to the township as they await the results of a feasibility study for bringing high speed internet to the township.

Lisa Moutinho, township trustee and leader of the Broadband Committee for the Township, reported that township treasurer Laurie Carey and she have continued to look at options for internet in the community – even with the feasibility study Moutinho added that the chance to look at a wide array of options on top of the feasibility study couldn’t hurt.

On June 18 Carey and Moutinho visited Marshall, who have partial wireless and fiber in their community and on June 22 they went to Midwest Energy to learn about their operations.

They also discussed attempting to get representative Donna Lasinski and CCG (the company doing the feasibility study) to attend a townhall meeting planned for later in the summer.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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