Manchester Village and Township to Hold Joint Meeting

By Seth Kinker,

At last week’s Manchester Village Council meeting, Village President Pat Vailliencourt notified council that word had been received from State Representative Donna Lasinski that a special assessment for the Manchester Township Broadband Initiative, that does not include the village, would not be allowed per the state constitution.

Lasinski had been working on legislation to allow the village to be excluded in such a special assessment.

In addition to the news, Valliencourt also reported that she and Lisa Moutinho, Manchester Township Board Member and leader of the Township Broadband Committee, had met and agreed to a joint special meeting between the village council and township board of trustees pertaining to the broadband situation moving forward.

The meeting, which will take place at the high school media room at 7 pm on Wednesday, June 13, is open to the public.

Valliencourt said one of the main goals will be to understand the pros and cons for both sides, to voice the concerns of the village.

“We certainly haven’t determined any course of action at this point,” said Vailliencourt. “It’s an opportunity for village residents to tell us how they feel. This has been discussed for quite some time in the township but not brought to the village and their residents. That’s the goal now to understand where we both stand.”

Vailliencourt went on to say how easy it has been to work with Moutinho and the township thus far. In addition to the Jun. 13 meeting, the Broadband topic will be an agenda item on the Jun. 18 village council meeting.




Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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