Meeting Synopsis – Dexter Township 5/21/19

Dexter Township

6880 Dexter-Pinckney Rd.

  Dexter, MI 48130

(734) 426-3767 

Synopsis of Action of the Dexter Township Board of Trustees

Regular Board Meeting May 21, 2019

Called to order at 7:00 PM

Members Present: Supervisor Rider, Clerk Ceo, Treasurer Brushaber, Trustees Compton, Drolett, Gajewski and Mesko.

Also, Present: David Rohr, Director of Zoning and Planning.

Supervisor’s Remarks: None

Call to the Public:  None

Oral Reports: Trustee Compton, Broadband Committee and WWRA Chair, updated the Board on the Broadband committee initiatives; presented the draft minutes from the Western Washtenaw Recycle Authority April 24, 2019 meeting and asked the Township Board what they see as the future direction of WWRA.  Supervisor Rider updated the Board on the maintenance/remodel of Township Hall.  Steven Burch, Chair of the Planning Commission addressed the Board reference updating the Master Plan.

The Board took the following action: Approved the Agenda for May 21, 2019 Regular Board meeting; Approved the minutes from the April 16, 2019 Regular Board Meeting as corrected; Approved the Consent Agenda, approving the North Lake Fireworks July 6th , 2019 with a rain date of July 7th , 2019 and Portage Lake Fireworks July 4th  and July 6th , 2019 with rain dates of July 5th  and July 7th , 2019; Approved the motion recognizing that the Dexter Township Board is unanimously in favor of rezoning D-04-04-100-001 from Recreation Conversation to Rural Residential once the Planning Commission has granted final site plan approval to a plan that is consistent with the concept plan that has been presented as of this date; Postponed the rezoning of D-04-04-100-001; Approved motion to initiate the process of closing the MERS Defined Benefit plan to new officials/employees; Approved Resolution 19-522, the MERS Resolution establishing authorized signatories for MERS Contracts and Service Credit Purchase approvals to the position of Clerk and the additional position of Supervisor; Approved support in the amount of $250.00 to the Dexter Area Historical Society and Museum.

Board also discussed: Directions to the Planning Commission to begin reviewing each chapter of the Master Plan for relevance as a guide for development in Dexter Township.

Board also authorized payment of: General Fund bills totaling $62,396.41, Fire Fund bills totaling $65,286.54, Police Fund bills totaling $40,764.29, Agency Fund bills totaling $903.50 and gross monthly payroll of $32,055.57.

Second Call to the Public: Linda Singer, Dexter Township resident, asked questions about the no wake zone on Silver Lake and expressed to the Board the need for the Planning Commission to move forward with reviewing/updating the Master Plan.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:57 p.m.

Debra A. Ceo, Clerk, Dexter Township 

Approved by Harley B. Rider, Supervisor, Dexter 

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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