March 5, 2019 6:15 P.M.

The meeting opened with the flag pledge at 6:15pm.  Five board members and 12 citizens were present.


The Budget Public Hearing was held, there was no comment, Washtenaw County Road Commission

presented their Annual Meeting and 2019 road projects to the Township Board, comments/concerns were

addressed.  The Consent Agenda was approved as presented. The consent agenda included the February

5, 2019 meeting minutes, treasurer report, payment of bills, amendment of the budget, Washtenaw

County Sherriff report and the zoning report.  There was no attorney report and a short Planning

Commission Report.  Public comment was offered at 7:42pm. There was none. The agenda was approved 

as presented, with removing dust control/brine item and adding an application for Zoning Board of 

Appeals. under new business. Old/Unfinished Business: None.  New Business: 

2019-2020 Budget approval, Shredding Event approval, Investment Policy Resolution 2019-005 

approval, Resolution 2019-006 Meeting Dates 2019-2020 approval, Fee Schedule Resolution 2019-007 

approval, Saline Fire Department Budget 2019-2020 approval, Saline Fire Department Township Millage 

.9000 approval, Fireworks Ordinance Resolution 2019-008 approval, appoint Township Attorney, Barr & 

Anhut, appoint Township Planner Don Pennington, approve The Sun Times News as paper of 

Record, recommendation of Zoning Board of Appeals application #2019-001 to be sent to ZBA for 

hearing.  Public comment offered at 8:06 pm there was no comments. The meeting adjourned at 8:06 pm.

Next meeting is April 5, 2019 ~ 7:00pm.  The minutes may be viewed, after approval, on the Lodi

Township web site (  or are available for review or purchase at the township hall

during regular business hours.

Christina Smith, Lodi Township Clerk

Jan Godek, Lodi Township Supervisor


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