July 12, 2024 Donate

Dexter, Dexter Government

Memorial Day Parade Organizer Asks for Your Help in Information Rebuild

There’s been a glitch in the Memorial Day matrix.

Just as things were getting underway to organize yet another fantastic Memorial Day Parade, the means for spreading the word and signing up got hacked, and organizer Steve Feinman has had to scramble to begin the process from scratch. He (we, all of Dexter) needs your help.

Here’s what Steve is asking you to do:

  1. Take a moment to look up and follow the new Facebook page, “Dexter Rotary Memorial Day Parade.” Maybe share it to get the number of followers back up again.
  2. If you plan on participating in the parade (and we hope you are), contact Steve at Drmd2014@mindspring.com.
  3. Spread the Word. Even if you’re not participating, maybe you could take a moment to alert someone you know who usually does – “Hey, did you see that thing about the Memorial Day Parade this year?”

Other than being the only day of the year when parents and kids pick up and eat candy off the street, the Memorial Day Parade is the pinnacle of nostalgic community spirit. Pulling together, we can make it happen again. Thanks for your help.

Photo: Dexter Rotary Memorial Day Parade Facebook