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Michigan Wares / Tecumseh Coins

Editor’s note: In its May 15, 2024, edition, the Sun Times News included a special “Discover Tecumseh” section. It contains articles describing many of the businesses and community life in this charming town. We’re running the articles online and encourage you to add a trip to Tecumseh to your list of fun things to do this summer.

In the heart of Tecumseh, local businesses are thriving with a focus on community and personal service, according to Jan and Gary Fox, proprietors of Grey Fox Floral, Michigan Wares, and Tecumseh Coins. These family-owned establishments share a unique approach to customer relations and business management.

Jan oversees Grey Fox Floral and Michigan Wares and highlights the distinctiveness of their operations. “Tecumseh is a picture of a true small town with that small-town feeling. We have many businesses that are family-owned and even multi-generational,” she explains. Jan further detailed the offerings at her consignment shop, noting, “Here at Michigan Wares, we have over 40 vendors. It’s Michigan people making products here in Michigan.”

Michigan Wares serves as more than just a consignment shop. It functions as a hub for local artisans. Many vendors who are full-time employees elsewhere find the shop a reliable platform to sell their products consistently. “A lot of them do festivals and events, but we offer the possibility that this is where you can find their products on a daily basis,” Jan adds.

Gary Fox of Tecumseh Coins. Photo by Doug Marrin.

Recalling his venture with Tecumseh Coins, Gary Fox shared his transition from hobbyist to business owner. “I started when I retired and looked at my coin collection, where I became more of a hoarder than a collector. I used that as the seed to start the shop,” he jokes. The coin shop, re-established after a devastating fire, now attracts both collectors and investors interested in precious metals.

This entrepreneurial couple has integrated deep community ties and personal commitment into their business model, ensuring a warm and welcoming experience for every visitor.

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