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Musgrove & Company

Editor’s note: In its May 15, 2024, edition, the Sun Times News included a special “Discover Tecumseh” section. It contains articles describing many of the businesses and community life in this charming town. We’re running the articles online and encourage you to add a trip to Tecumseh to your list of fun things to do this summer.

In the heart of downtown, where a former coffee house once served locals for two decades, a new coffee haven, Musgrove & Company, has sprouted, blending the area’s rich heritage with a fresh twist on coffee culture. Owned by husband-and-wife team Josh Roth and Lora Kasik, Musgrove & Company has quickly become a popular spot since its early days in 2018 within the British Tea Garden’s welcoming premises.

The nudge to open a coffee shop came for Josh when the downtown coffee shop closed. “I was missing my coffee spot, like the rest of the town. It must have gotten out that I was interested in starting something,” he recalls. His entrepreneurial spirit was fueled by the community’s shared desire to revive their local coffee scene.

Taking action, he seized the opportunity to utilize 400 square feet of space offered by the British Tea Garden. “We were able to fulfill the demand of the town’s desire for coffee,” Josh states, reflecting on the nascent stage of Musgrove & Company.

Lora shares her husband’s enthusiasm and vision for their enterprise. She emphasizes the importance of creating a space that resonates with the patrons and honors their predecessor’s legacy. “We wanted to create a place where people could feel the warmth and history of the town while enjoying a good cup of coffee,” she states.

Musgrove & Company is more than just a coffee shop; it is a modern chapter in the town’s social and culinary book, serving up coffee and a place for connections and memories. As Josh and Lora continue to steer their venture, they remain committed to providing quality coffee and a welcoming atmosphere for all who walk through their doors.

Find out more at https://www.musgrove.company/