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Jon Mykala’s career in mortgage lending started in 1993 when a friend asked him to join his mortgage business, it was enough to get Jon hooked helping people finance their homes.

He attended Michigan State and received a degree in Finance with the intention of becoming a stockbroker and started down a path at Shearson Lehman, Morgan Stanley. There he learned the details, drivers and processes of investing. Jon applies those skills to the mortgage industry, he is quick to point out to his clients, the big picture financial planning story as well as how to improve cash flow and reduce monthly payments. Jon’s experience working in the ever-changing world of banking, where mergers are still a way of life taught him to be flexible, adaptable, and reliant on finance fundamentals. He has been with Dart Bank since they acquired Summit Bank in 2014.


With 25+ years of experience in mortgage banking, Jon’s favorite part of the process is when everything finally comes together for his clients.  He shared a recent experience where a client was preapproved by two lenders, Jon was able to reduce the monthly payment by $80 less than the best offer and increased the mortgage limit by $30,000 more than other firms. Jon’s solid relationship with Dart Bank, allows him to tailor each mortgage to his client’s needs. He understands what will work best for his clients by collecting the facts, listening to what people want to accomplish, and developing the best solution.

Jon likes to solve his clients’ problems and reduce the closing timeline; he has closed mortgage financing within 15 days. He is efficient because he understands lender requirements and is realistic in his assumptions and is required to streamline the process. Jon also aids his clients when they are considering which builders and contractors to work with – those who operate with honesty, integrity and trust.

One of Jon’s favorite movies is Under the Tuscan Sun, a story about a woman who is looking for the perfect life she has envisioned and realizes that she is actually living that life. There is a parallel to how he feels about his life in Chelsea. He is close to his wife Michelle’s family; his kids are his best friends. He said, all the President’s Circle accolades are great, but his reward and satisfaction revolve around his family. The Mykalas travel frequently but are always happy to come home. They have lived in Chelsea 23 years, Jon shared that “when you walk down the streets there is always someone you pass that you say hello to – kind of like Cheers.”

When asked sources of inspiration, the twinkle in Jon’s eyes was a precursor to his answer, “Michelle, cowboys and snoopy. Snoopy is the ultimate cool… and mindful. Everyone likes him because he doesn’t care and that is why they like him.”


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