New 2018 F-150 Features Shown In Dexter And Pinckney

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By Seth Kinker,
The Ford Motor Company held a two-day event this week in Washtenaw and Livingston Counties to showcase the 2018 Ford F-150.

Day one on August 11 was for media personnel from out of town. Journalists and automotive magazines flew in from all over the country, and some from other parts of the world, to see and test drive the newest model in the F-150 line of trucks. Day two held the same opportunities for media but had local media attending rather than out of town or state publications.

In addition to the opportunity to talk to Ford Engineers at the event, media personnel were allowed to test all the new features the F-150 had to offer.

The locations were chosen specifically to make sure it would highlight the new features and abilities of the truck.

One location, the Portage Yacht Club (PYC) located off of Dexter-Pinckney road in Pinckney, MI., was for the pro trailer backup assist demo.

“For this demonstration, specifically we wanted to make sure we had a beautiful visual to display this feature,” said Jessyka Faison, Product Communications Coordinator for Ford. “We thought ‘Hey we’re in the Dexter area and the PYC will be the perfect backdrop for backing a boat into the water’. That’s where the PYC came into play.”

Once activating the pro trailer backup assist mode registering and selecting a hitched trailer through a camera on the tailgate the driver is able to back up without touching the steering wheel. A dial changes the direction of the trailer and when properly aligned, backs up the truck automatically. All the driver has to do is keep a foot on the break and the truck’s system does the rest.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) stop and go was another feature being showcased. ACC is a safety feature that can bring the truck to a complete stop, on its own.
Zingermans-Corman Farms in Dexter, MI. was another location used that held a payload demonstration. Whomever was testing the F-150 was able to choose different payloads and drive around with them in the truck bed.

Ford brought some historic editions of their vehicles too, including the Model TT and a F1 model. The Model TT was one of Ford’s first pickup trucks produced in 1917 and the F1, which was the first post-war truck design, was produced in 1947.

The third location, private land owned by Bob Nester (Owner of The Sun Times News), offered off roading options.  There were dynamic drive routes, towing capabilities shown and a water pit near the end of the drive routes for drivers to crash through.

Paul Ehman, Location Representative and son of the owner of the Portage Yacht Club, was able to help coordinate the event from top to bottom.

“Luckily, I was here because we do this all the time, my production company in Hawaii. Ford arrived here (at the Portage Yacht Club) looking for a boat ramp to practice backing up a trailer. They came here to the club because they knew about it and had seen pictures,” said Ehman. “They were coming out here looking for a drive route, including the boat ramp and they needed some off-road things and because I knew Bob and his property I was able to make the connection there to suggest that and take them over there. We made these two facilities the anchor for the shoot.”

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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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