New Routes for Run Manchester

By Seth Kinker,

Last week, Matt Hall, one of the organizers of Run Manchester, presented two new course maps for the 5k and 10k races for Run Manchester.

During the previous village council meeting, there were inquiries on whether different routes could be used that include more sidewalks or streets, another suggestion was to have runners cross more school property to eliminate some street closures and reduce deputy costs.

With the new proposed routes, sidewalks would be used on all village streets except the beginning of the race on East Main to the entrance of the middle school.

“The sidewalks will be used,” said Village President Pat Vaillencourt. “And some of it will be in the subdivision off of Dutch drive. Council is very pleased with all the work they had done and what they had come up with.”

The Run Manchester/Street Festival will be taking place August 4 from 10 am to 5 pm, for updates and a lineup of events visit their Facebook page by searching Manchester Street Festival.



Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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