Notes From The Dexter Forum

By Mary Hall, mhall@thesuntimesnews

The Dexter Forum Is a group that meets the first and third Saturday of every month at the Wellness Center in Dexter. It is moderated by John Hansen and Karl Fink, and they discuss topics as they relate to the resident of Dexter.

Last Saturday was no exception, as a myriad of topics were brought up. Some of those topics included

Rod Green being appointed to the Washtenaw County Road Commission.  He is also on the ballot running for a seat on the county commission – District 2 (D). He will have to choose one or the other if he wins the county commission seat since the two seats are incompatible.

Donna Lasinski updated the group on the efforts of the Regional Transit Authority. The RTA is comprised of Transportation from Washtenaw, Wayne, Monroe and Oakland Counties.  They have been trying to come up with a regional mass transit proposal that will appeal to voters more than the most recent proposal, which failed.  It will not be on the ballot this year because it can only appear on ballots in an odd year.

Rod Anderson, the moderator for the Chelsea Forum, was in attendance.  He spoke a bit about the current location of the group, the Chelsea Library, and how attendance had dropped. It was felt that this was in large part due to the library hours, which start at 10am on Saturday which means their meetings currently start at 10:15am.  The feeling was that this was too late in the day on a Saturday, so they are moving their meeting place to the old Chelsea High School beginning in September and the time is being moved back to 9am.

Anderson, as it turns out, is also running as a Republican for the first district seat on the county commission. He does not have a primary but was at the meeting and there was time available, so they listened.  He is a 25-year resident of Chelsea, has been a city council member for two years, has Military experience.  If you’d like to know why he’s running, he states, “I was asked by the County.”

Anderson said he feels that politics are close to being broken. He states proudly, “I voted for Trump, and I’d do it again.”   His goals are to bring an alternate viewpoint to the commission.  “I want to bring a moral foundation.  We all do things based on what we believe. Liberals-not so much, conservatives-absolutely.  Veterans are furious with what’s happening with flags today!”

Also in attendance was Judge Cedric Simpson, incumbent for Washtenaw County.  Simpson is a district court judge for the 14A District Court in Washtenaw County.  He joined the Court in 1999, and his current term expires on January 1, 2019. Simpson served as chief judge for the court from 2002 to 2007.

Judge Simpson served a nine-month unpaid suspension imposed by the Michigan Supreme Court. He was restored to the bench in April 2018. The Judicial Tenure Commission concluded that Simpson violated Michigan Court rules involving a 2013 incident where his court intern was arrested for drunk driving. The Judicial Tenure recommended permanent removal, however, the Michigan Supreme court ruled that was not warranted based on the situation and imposed the suspension to begin July 2017. Simpson’s attorney argued that Simpson’s presences at the arrest scene and subsequent testimony did not interfere with the case against his intern.


Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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