We began with a lesson in collective adjectives – you know, like a flock of pigeons or a herd of deer – since three of Karl’s brothers joined us thereby constituting an argument of Finks.

We confirmed that the spraying of herbicides along our couuntry roads will not happen – now or in the future.  As a side issue we also learned that the road right-of-way is typically 66 feet wide because that is the length of a surveyor’s chain that is made up of four 16.5 foot rods which all goes back to something like the length of the kings foot.
Twenty-four units of affordable (subsidized, supportive, low income, workforce) housing are coming to Dexter on Dan Hoey Road.  A recent open house to explain the project showed broad community approval with some concerns about whether the project was intended to serve existing residents or attract new folks.  Sara Schugart and Doug Smith (2/3ds of the staff at Faith in Action) were present to help us understand the situation. They see and serve the needy folks of Dexter and Chelsea and assure us they are amongst us.  The lack of beggers on the street masks the number of folks doubled up in friend’s homes and couch surfing.  Half of the residents are likely to be children who will certainly benefit from being so close to the schools.
And yet another topic about roads.  In one of those, Oh, by the way moments, the County Commission learned that there is a window of opportunity to reorganize the structure of the road commission if they do it by the end of the year.  Our three road commissioners are appointed by the county commission but the agency operates mostly independent of county oversight.  This can be changed by adding commissioners or by the county just taking over and running the show themselves.  Given how many players we have at a typical Dexter Forum I am sure we will have a front row seat as this issue unfolds.
We ended with a brief discussion about pay-to-play athletics in the Dexter Schools.  Something about core mission and budget conflicts.  This will be a topic worth a little follow up at a future session.
ALERT  When you receive your next meeting reminder it will (hopefully) be through some new form of list management service.  There are about 400 of you now and AOL is not letting me maintain one simple list (for free) so I am about to make a leap to something else.  I am not an expert in these things so there is a chance I might get caught in your spam filter.
The next meeting of the Dexter Forum will be on Saturday, August 3, 2019 at 8:30 AM at the Dexter Wellness Center.