Notice is hereby given that the Township Board for Sylvan Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan adopted an amendment to Chapter 30 Zoning, Section 30-808 Agriculture Commercial/Tourism Business of the Zoning Ordinance at a regular meeting held on June 5, 2018

The proposed text amendment is as follows:

Sec. 30-808 Agricultural Commercial/ Tourism Business

(c)    The following agricultural commercial/tourism businesses may be permitted after a special land use review, pursuant to article IV, Special Uses of this chapter provided that the agricultural heritage and rural character of the site are respected and maintained.

(1)   Cider mills or wineries selling product, in a tasting room, if at least 50 percent of the cider or wine offered for sale contains crops or produce grown on-site or in Michigan.

(2)   Seasonal outdoor mazes of agricultural origin such as straw bales or corn.

(3)   The processing, storage, and retail or wholesale marketing of agricultural products into a value-added agricultural product containing agricultural products grown on site or in Michigan.

(4)   Community supported agriculture or CSA.

(5)   Farm markets and or u-pick operations.

(6)   Kitchen facilities, for the processing, cooking, and/or baking of goods featuring agricultural products grown on site or in Michigan.

(7)   Farm-to-Table Restaurant or café focused on products grown on site or in Michigan.

(8)    Gift shops and markets for the sale of agricultural products and agriculturally related products.Gift shops for the sale of non-agriculturally related products, are limited to 25 percent of  items offered for sale.

(9)   Uses (1) through (8) listed above may include any or all of the following ancillary agriculturally related uses and some non-agriculturally related uses so long as the general agricultural character of the farm is maintainedand the non-agriculturally related uses comprise less than 50 percent of the gross receipts from the farm.

  1. Value-added agricultural products or activities such as educational tours of the site or processing     facilities, educational classes, lectures, seminars, etc.
  2. Playgrounds or equipment typical of a school playground, such as slides, swings, etc. (not including motorized vehicles or rides).
  3. Petting farms, animal display, and pony rides.
  4. Wagon, sleigh, and hayrides.
  5. Nature trails.
  6. Open air or covered picnic area with restrooms.

g  Historical agricultural exhibits.

(d)  The following supplemental regulations are required:

(1)   Minimum lot area of ten acres without a special event facility. A minimum lot area of 50 acres is required for an agriculture commercial/tourism business with an event facility.

(2)   All uses permitted by this section shall be accessed on any public road within the township with the condition that the increase in traffic shall not create a nuisance, to nearby residents by way of traffic or noise or increase the public cost in maintaining the roadway. Agricultural commercial/tourism businesses with an event facility shall be located on a paved public road.

(3)   A 200-foot open buffer shall be provided on all sides of the property not abutting a public roadway unless it is adjacent to a natural feature such as a wetland, lake, river, or public land subject to planning commission review and approval.

(e)   The intent of this section is to provide guidelines for ancillary uses in keeping with the agricultural heritage and which preserves the rural character of the agriculture district.






A copy of the text of the new Zoning Ordinance Amendment may be inspected or purchased at the Township Offices (Sylvan Township Hall, 18027 Old US 12, Chelsea, MI 48118). The new Zoning Ordinance Amendment will also be posted on the Township’s website at The adopted amendment shall become effective on June 21, 2018, unless referendum procedures are initiated under MCL 125.3402 within seven (7) days after publication of this notice of adoption.  If referendum procedures are initiated, the ordinance shall take effect in accordance with MCL 125.3402.


Sylvan Township Planning Commission Public Hearing: February 22, 2018

Sylvan Township Board Adoption: June 5, 2018

Publication Date: June 14, 2018

Effective Date: June 21, 2018


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