Notice of Public Hearing – Sylvan Township 2/22/18

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18027 Old US 12

Chelsea, Michigan,  48118-9673


Fax: 734-475-8905


Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Sylvan Township Hall, 18027 Old US 12, Chelsea, MI. 48118

Subject of Meeting: Public Hearing to amend the following sections of the Sylvan Township Zoning  Ordinance:  Sec. 30-808 Agricultural Commercial/ Tourism Business.  New language in bold print.

Sec. 30-808 Agricultural Commercial/ Tourism Business

(c)    The following agricultural commercial/tourism businesses may be permitted after a special land use review, pursuant to article IV, Special Uses of this chapter provided that the agricultural heritage and rural character of the site is are respected and maintained.

(1)   Cider mills or wineries selling product, in a tasting room, containing if at least 50 percent of the cider or wine offered for sale contains crops or produce grown on-site and by Michigan farm operators.

(2)   Seasonal outdoor mazes of agricultural origin such as straw bales or corn.

(3)   The processing, storage, and retail or wholesale marketing of agricultural products into a value- added agricultural products in a farming operation if at least 50 percent of the stored, processed, or merchandised  products are produced by the farm operator. containing agricultural products grown on site and produced by Michigan farm operators.

(4)   Community supported agriculture or CSA.

(5)   Farm markets and or u-pick operations.

(6)   Kitchen facilities, for the processing, cooking, and/or baking of goods containing at least 50 percent produce grown on site featuring agricultural products grown on site and of by Michigan farm operators.  

(7)   Farm-to-Table Restaurant or café focused on products grown on site and by Michigan farm operators.

(8) Gift shops and markets for the sale of agricultural products and agriculturally related products. Gift shops for the sale of non-agriculturally related products such as antiques or crafts, are limited to 25 percent of  gross sales items offered for sale.

(9) Uses (1) through (5) (8) listed above may include any or all of the following ancillary agriculturally related uses and some non-agriculturally related uses so long as the general agricultural character of the farm is maintained and the income from these activities represents and the non-agriculturally related uses comprise less than 50 percent of the gross receipts from the farm.

  1. Value-added agricultural products or activities such as educational tours of the site or processing facilities, educational classes, lectures, seminars, etc.
  2. Playgrounds or equipment typical of a school playground, such as slides, swings, etc. (not including motorized vehicles or rides).
  3. Petting farms, animal display, and pony rides.
  4. Wagon, sleigh, and hayrides.
  5. Nature trails.
  6. Open air or covered picnic area with restrooms.
  7. Educational classes, lectures, seminars. Moved to (9) (a)
  8. g Historical agricultural exhibits.
  9. Kitchen facilities, for the processing, cooking, and/or baking of goods containing at least 50 percent produce grown on site. Moved to (c) (6)
  10. Gift shops for the sale of agricultural products and agriculturally related products. Gift shops for the sale of non-agriculturally related products such as antiques or crafts, are limited to 25 percent of gross sales. Moved to (c) (8)

(d)   The following supplemental regulations are required:

(1)   Minimum lot area of ten acres without a special event facility. A minimum lot area of 50 acres is required for an agriculture commercial/tourism business with an event facility.

(2)   All uses permitted by this section shall be accessed on any public road within the township with the condition that the increase in traffic shall not create a nuisance, to nearby residents by way of traffic or noise or increase the public cost in maintaining the roadway. Agricultural commercial/tourism businesses with an event facility shall be located on a paved public road.

(3)   A 200-foot open buffer shall be provided on all sides of the property not abutting a public roadway unless it is adjacent to a natural feature such as a wetland, lake, river, or public land subject to planning commission review and approval.

(e)   The intent of this section is to provide guidelines for ancillary uses in keeping with the agricultural heritage and which preserves the rural character of the agriculture district.

Special event facility:

(1)   The above regulations will apply including the following:

  1. The site must include an active farm operation as defined in section 30-5.
  2. The special event facility shall be reviewed as a site plan application.
  3. Any outdoor dining and entertainment areas shall meet the required buffer area as defined in subsection (d)(3).
  4. The design of structures is to be an agricultural or residential character complementary to the rural character in which it is located.
  5. Parking areas for special event patrons must be on a surface that is flat and durable enough to withstand the event traffic. Any requirements of article V may be waived or modified through the site plan review approval, provided the approving body first makes a written finding that specifically identifies characteristics of the site or site vicinity that would make the required standards unnecessary, inappropriate, or ineffective.
  6. A traffic and parking management plan shall be submitted at the time the special use permit application is filed. At a minimum, such traffic and parking management plan shall include the number of vehicles anticipated, and surface parking areas to be used to accommodate the event. Traffic control and signage will be provided on site to prevent traffic hazards and nuisances internal to the site as well as ingress and egress to the event facility.
  7. Parking for all events will be confined to the farm site. No parking of any vehicle will be permitted on a public right of way, and will be subject to removal at the cost of the vehicle owner.
  8. Accessory uses to a special event facility may include managerial facilities, maintenance facilities, educational facilities, and a standard restaurant/cafe that may serve alcoholic beverages.
  9. Lodging of patrons is not permitted.

This notice is posted in compliance with PA 267 of 1976 as amended (Open Meetings Act) MCLA 41.72a(2) (3) and the American With Disabilities Act (ADA) and with Section 103 of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act Public Act 110 of 2006.  Sylvan Township will provide necessary reasonably auxiliary aids and services upon request to the Clerk, Kathleen Kennedy, addressed to the Township Hall, 18027 Old

  1. S. 12, Chelsea, MI 48118, ten day prior to the meeting.

A copy of the entire text of the ordinance is on file and can be viewed in the office of the Clerk.

You are invited to attend this Hearing or contact the Planning Commission in writing at the Sylvan Township Hall, 18027 Old US-12, Chelsea, MI. 48118, to express your views on this matter.


Published February 7, 2018

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