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Oh, the Adventures You’ll Have Happily, Playing in Dexteropoly

Your truck got stuck under the viaduct, you won the pie-eating contest at Apple Daze, and your chickens were lost in the tornado—these are some of the things that can happen to you in Dexteropoly.

The board game, a tribute to the town of Dexter, has seen significant community support since its initial release. As the last batch of Dexteropoly games hits the shelves, co-creator Beth Chamberlain updates the project’s progress.

“After these 350, we’re done,” Beth stated, indicating the final set of games available. “I sold 500 in less than ten weeks. I expected to have some for the Bicentennial, but I ran out in January.”

Proceeds from the toponymic game have significantly given back to the community. Beth shares that the $15,000 raised thus far from sales has been split between two local non-profits – St. Louis Center and Sparrow’s Place. Both charities provide community living support for adults with developmental disabilities.

Beth emphasized the positive reception the game has received from the community. “All positive. It’s been huge,” she said. Dexteropoly, which captures local landmarks and history, has become a cherished item for residents.

Andy Reiser contributed to the game’s design by writing the game cards with humorous and locally relevant content. Jeff Craig also played a pivotal role in the game’s creation. His artistic talents inspired Beth to incorporate his work into Dexteropoly. “I saw Jeff draw that Kubota tractor and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I gotta do something with this.'”

The game includes local elements such as Dexter schools and events, aiming to create a snapshot of the community for future generations. “The whole thing behind this game was to open it up ten years from now and go, ‘Oh my gosh, do you remember …?’” Beth explained.

Dexteropoly’s remaining copies are available at Hackney Hardware, Hearts ‘n Flowers, Tiani Body Care, Dexter Mill, Dexter Print & Embroidery, and Postal + Prints. As the final games are sold, Beth hopes it will serve as a lasting memento of Dexter’s vibrant community spirit.