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Oh The Places You Will Go – At the Saline District Library?

By Sue Kelch

Have you seen the scene in “It’s A Wonderful Life,” where George Bailey wishes he’d never been born? He sees his wife Mary, who doesn’t recognize him because George was never born.  She is depicted as a mousy librarian.  For real??  When I think of libraries, I think of say, Harry Potter and magic.

And the Saline District Library (SDL) is indeed magical:  offering something for everyone of all ages – free.  Lucky you, Saline!  Come join me as we explore the library.

First, take a look at the reading programs offered for the book aficionado.

… like Book Talk!.  Melissa, who runs the program, says “I decided to flip a book club on its head; instead of talking about one specific book, let’s talk about which book you are reading.”  Peg, an attendee, agrees.  “What really appealed to me about Book Talk! is that you bring in a book that you really enjoy and you can share it with others.”

Enjoy summer reading?  Good timing, it’s now time for the Summer Reading Program – for all ages!  Prizes are awarded for reading books, including a grand prize drawing.

But wait, there’s more!

Maybe you’re looking for fun activities while staying within your budget. Try Walking Yoga, Renovation Yoga, or Nordic Walking. Want to unwind or socialize? Try Adult Coloring, Stitches & Knots Knitting and Crochet, or Take-n-Make Fairy Jars. While you’re at the library, pick up a craft for a younger member of the family to work on such as Teen Take-n-Make Memento Boxes, or Cheese Making. 

 Want to bring a child to the library for an activity without breaking the bank?  Try the Tell Me A Story Podcasting, Read to a Dog, DIY Trucker Hat, Lego at the Library, or Science Club. Or bring the whole family to the Family Afternoon Movie, or Family Fun Storytime.

And there’s more.  Interested in purchasing a projector, but can’t decide which one?  Make an informed choice by looking at reviews on the Consumer Reports Login from Library webpage.  Even better, check out a projector and try it before buying in the Et Cetera Department.  Perhaps you’d like to try a sewing machine, or a yarn winder, or maybe a bird-watching STEAM kit interests you?  It’s all at the library!

While you’re there, go to the Youth Department and check out the butterfly display.  There are several chrysalises, and when a butterfly emerges the SDL staff release them.  They even have a butterfly and bee garden, as well as outdoor sculptures.  And in the spring, the SDL offers free seed packets to start your garden, with a wide variety of vegetables and flowers to choose from.  Cool magic, am I right?

Jasmine releasing a newly hatched butterfly. photo by Sue Kelch

There are so many activities from the creative minds of these librarians, it’s easy to see they all love bringing the joy of reading, learning, and exploring to the public.  Without a single shush.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Karrie Waarala, Director of the SDL.  Karrie recalls she grew up “near my public local library, and it was my favorite place to be.”  She beams when talking about staff, saying “What I always hear is that we have the best staff, and that ‘they are so warm and welcoming’.”  Her pride with SDL shows when she recites the mission statement:  “The Saline District Library ignites a joy of discovery and builds community through resources, opportunities and new ideas.”

Book Talk! with Melissa and Peg. photo by Sue Kelch

And what, you ask, is the ticket of admission to get you into this magical place?  Wait for it – a library card.  Mic drop.

Speaking of library cards, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that having one will get you a discount on the Michigan Activity Pass website.  Search for destinations near you such as Hidden Lake Gardens, Skydive Tecumseh, even the Detroit Institute of Arts; and save while enjoying a wonderful outing.

So don’t fall for the stereotype of a library filled with demure librarians and musty old books.  Come inside, browse the stacks of knowledge, and discover things to do and places to visit as far as your imagination will take you.   Oh, the places you will go, the people you will meet … at the library.

DIY Trucker Hat. photo by Sue Kelch

For information on the Saline District Library, visit their website at www.salinelibrary.org or contact them at 734.429.5450.  Select the “Events” menu for programming information.  Select the “Research and Learn” menu to browse resources.  For the Summer Reading Program visit salinelibrary.readsquared.com.

To search for items in the Et Cetera Department:  type “etc” on the SDL home page search bar.  On the next page after “etc” enter the item you are looking for, then select “subject” in the field “search by.”

For more information on the Michigan Activity Pass, visit their website at www.miactivitypass.org.

Renovation Yoga with Jo Ann. photo by Sue Kelch