By Kim Williamson

Theatregoers will be seamlessly transported to 1880’s London for the world premiere of “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventures of the Elusive Ear”. Director Guy Sanville takes us on a mentally stimulating journey to solve a most unusual crime, all from the comfort of his eccentric, book-strewn and drug stocked residence, 221B Baker Street. 

This is the fifth world premiere show for playwright David MacGregor with the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, MI and certainly not his last as he shows us a side of Sherlock Holmes that few have seen.  Quoting Sanville, “This a chance to see a side of Holmes rarely depicted; a man in love and loving every minute of it.” All while solving crime, of course!

Sherlock Holmes (Mark Colson) is tasked with solving a most surprising case; the missing ear of Vincent van Gogh (Tom Whalen).  The case becomes action-packed as a mysterious and alluring Parisian woman, Marie Chartier (Caitlin Cavannaugh), arrives in an attempt to kill Holmes (or is she???).  He is aided on the journey by his longstanding friend and partner Dr. Watson (Paul Stroili), his cunning paramour Irene Adler (Sarab Kamoo), and an absinthe toting and flamboyantly witty friend Oscar Wilde (Rusty Mewha) as they explore post-impressionist artwork that is yet to be appreciated by society in order to solve the case.


The overall feel of the stage was smoky, yet homey, with books strewn about the edges of the stage, and sunlight streaming in from the charming observatory located upstage center.  The thrust-style stage brings you into the quirky home of Sherlock Holmes, giving you the chance to truly immerse yourself in the story and see the action up close.  And action there was, with the highlight being a female led Matrix style slow-motion sword fight.  There was also plenty of humor with fast-paced witty banter between the characters which kept the audience engaged and wanting more.

If you enjoy a fun mix of mystery, romance, and comedy, then I deduce that “Sherlock Holmes and the Elusive Ear” is a play that you should see!  “Sherlock” runs Thursday, March 29 through Saturday, May 26, 2018.  Tickets are on sale now and range from $20.50 to $46 with special discounts for students, seniors, teachers, members of the military, and groups.  For more information or to make reservations call (734)433-7673 or go to


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