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Chelsea, Dexter, Saline

“Outside the Lines” Emerging Michigan Artists Exhibition

Community News 

Gallery 100 is delighted to announce the opening of “Outside the Lines,” a vibrant group show from June 26 to August 29. This exhibition will feature the works of emerging artists from across Michigan, offering a diverse and eclectic range of subjects and mediums. 

“Outside the Lines” highlights each participant’s unique perspectives and artistic expressions. Time Blatt, an artist from Grand Rapids, describes his intricate perspective renderings as “deceptive,” drawing viewers into a world that reveals “what is, but also what isn’t.” Kirk Fitchett, an illustrator inspired by sci-fi, fantasy, nature, and wildlife, brings whimsical drawings that reflect his deep connection to art as a Greater Flint Arts Council member. 

Courtesy of Gallery 100

Joe Beels, who creates drawings based on his observations of the world, also brings his experience as a talented pianist to his art, embodying the principle that practice is vital to mastery. Cynthia Casey from Detroit showcases her handcrafted roses made from papier-mâché, wire, and recycled materials alongside her vibrant acrylic paintings. Her self-taught journey as an artist is fueled by a desire to bring joy to the public. 

Nick Orozco’s paintings invite viewers to delve into their intricate details, while Dyle Cross Jr. breaks boundaries with his calligraphy style, incorporating unexpected materials like shoes into his artwork. 


Courtesy of Gallery 100

Join Us for the Artist Reception: 

Gallery 100 invites you to the “Outside the Lines” artist reception on Sunday, July 14, at 2 pm – 3:30 pm at Gallery 100, located within Silver Maples of Chelsea. The artists will be in attendance and their art will be available to purchase. 

For more information, visit Gallery 100’s website – www.silvermaples.org/gallery100/, or email Winn Nichols at gallery100atsm@gmail.com. 

Gallery 100 is proud to present this diverse group of artists, each at different stages in their artistic careers. The exhibition celebrates each artist’s unique journey and the power of art to explore the unconscious, find meaning in challenging times, and foster connections among people. This Exhibition runs from June 26 to August 29, don’t miss this opportunity to experience the talents of new and emerging artists from across Michigan.