July 12, 2024 Donate

Dexter, Dexter Government

Over $1.2 Million Granted for Stormwater Improvements in Washtenaw County

The Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office (WCWRC) has made a significant investment in stormwater management, flood control, and enhancing water quality across the county by allocating over $1.2 million in grants. This funding, derived from the American Rescue Plan Act, is part of a $2 million commitment by WCWRC to bolster local environmental infrastructure.

Evan Pratt, the Water Resources Commissioner, emphasized the collaborative effort behind this initiative: “I want to thank the Board of Commissioners for taking action to fund projects that help our communities adapt to the impacts of climate change. This is going to help neighborhoods manage the extreme rainfall events that we have seen, and will continue to see in the future.”

The significance of this investment is further validated by community feedback, with a 2021 survey highlighting ‘Storm Water & Sewage Infrastructure’ as a top priority for the county’s residents. This aligns with findings from a 2022 Climate Action Plan survey, which identified ‘Storms’ and ‘Flooding’ as key concerns among participants.

The grant program, now in its second year, received almost 30 applications in its latest round, with 17 projects awarded to enhance stormwater infrastructure across 15 municipalities, including:

  • City of Dexter: $50,000 for storm sewer lining.
  • Lodi Township: $80,000 for Saline-Waterworks Road culvert replacement.
  • Scio Township: A combined $110,500 for Knight Road, Park Road, and West Delhi Road culvert replacements.
  • Sylvan Township: $150,000 for Sibley Road culvert replacement.
  • Webster Township: $30,000 for Zeeb Road culvert replacement.

Pratt highlighted the program’s flexibility and community focus: “The applicants are able to pick the issues that impact their residents the most. That is what is great about this program. We are looking forward to seeing the improvements in the communities, both for water quality and quality of living.”

Photo: Current condition of culvert on Judd Road in Augusta Township. Photo by Great Lakes Engineering Group, LLC.