By Seth Kinker,

On Nov. 26 the Chelsea City Council voted to name the long in the works Palmer Lot Project, as the “Palmer Commons” at their city council meeting.

At the last downtown development authority (DDA) meeting, the DDA compiled submissions from the public and voted on three to send to council so they could choose a name. City Square, Chelsea Commons, and Palmer Commons were the three options presented to council.

Before the vote, discussion centered around the “Palmer” name. Council member Cheri Albertson mentioned that the DDA had brought up the Palmer name not having any relation to the space.


Albertson reported that some were in favor of the Palmer name, but more on the DDA were looking for a change with no connection between the Palmer family and Palmer lot. The argument being that Palmer inferred more of a name as opposed to a space or known community space.

Council member Frank Hammer argued that you would have to rename Weber Field or Pierce Park.

Council ended up agreeing on voting with the top three choices provided by the DDA and Palmer Commons passed by a vote of 4-3.


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