Parks Commission Continues to Evaluate Pierce Park Feedback

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By Seth Kinker,

The Chelsea Parks Commission met last week, continuing to sift through feedback from their May 16 public input meeting regarding Pierce Park.

Discussion centered around the fact that it was a conceptual plan and not a construction document. Discussion at prior park meetings centered on the community not wanting the rock moved, at the same time, other elements of the concept plan were well received.

“I think people were loud and clear about their passion for the rock and were certainly sensitive to that,” said City Manager John Hanifan. “The rest of the elements were well received and that’s the exciting part. There’s still some things in that overall plan that might be tweaked here and there but the overall intent of the plan was well received.”

With some of the reasoning for the proposed rock moving being the graffiti on surrounding trees, Hanifan said they also talked about signage or more landscaping that can be done to let people know not to paint on the trees.

Hanifan said he doesn’t anticipate any sort of construction beginning until next spring or early summer, possibly even beyond, and that the public will have more opportunities for input before construction begins.

“That park hasn’t had any substantial improvements in 30 -40 years, maybe,” said Hanifan. “It’s not a complete redesign, but some pretty major elements we’re adding. We wanted to make sure we get it right, that the public is comfortable and excited about it, and the same with the parks commission.”

The parks commission has plans to visit Gallup Park in Ann Arbor during their next meeting in July, after a recommendation from public comment. Gallup Park has accessible elements that the commission wants to look at and see if they would be relevant to Pierce Park improvements.

Melissa Johnson (Chair) and Sara Wedell (Vice Chair) were also elected as officers for the parks commission during the Jun. 19 meeting.

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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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