By Seth Kinker,

The Chelsea Parks Commission met on Oct. 2 finalizing their meeting schedule for the upcoming year and continued to discuss the Pierce Park improvement plan.

Key discussions at the meeting for the improvement plan of Pierce Park included maintaining the natural beauty of the park, removing/reducing vandalism of surrounding trees near the rock, and deciding what to put in the park.

While certain elements, such as a new gazebo, trail, play structures, bathrooms, and a garden, have been discussed, the parks commission still needed to focus on finalizing details for the play elements and the garden area.


The focus for the garden area would be to have it, and the surrounding landscaping, to be unique serving two-fold as being welcoming but also protecting the rock.

There has already been discussion about removing the main sign, with the location and bushes around it not offering much visibility. A different path was discussed and what they could do with that space around where the current path and sign are located. They decided to have the firm helping to design the park to make preliminary designs for visions for the front area.

Hanifan brought details of pricing for play structures that the commission had been looking at during prior meetings, some were too expensive, while other items such as upgrading swings and adding bouncers and riders were discussed.

While researching prices for play structures Hanifan said that a lot of artists have custom work or do work overseas, so tracking them down could be an issue. He also told the commission other aspects of the park could be addressed by the city to lessen the cost, depending on the decisions that were made.

Mayor Melissa Johnson said that they should work on continuing to fine tune what they have but work on maintaining the open spaces in the park as well, something the rest of the parks commission agreed with.

Seating was another topic addressed prior to the Oct. 2 meeting, the parks commission held a forum at Pierce Park during the summer with preliminary ideas for the park improvements. Community members could attend and rotate around “stations” the commission had set up in the park talking about what improvements could be or what the community members wanted to see.

Parks commission member Andrew Thompson said the feedback at that forum pertaining to seating was that any would be welcome, the park commission has been looking at different designs and styles of benches to potentially add to the park.