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Community, Michigan

Pinckney Man Charged After Suspicious Behavior at Food Truck event

A Pinckney man was arraigned on charges related to an incident at a recent Food Truck Friday event.

The Pinckney Police put out a press release about this on June 23. It said:

“On June 21 during the Food Truck Friday event, attendees directed the Pinckney Police to the east side of the park where it was reported that a male was playing with young children and the children were very uneasy with this. The male was grabbing, tickling, and holding the children. The subject had interjected himself into the children’s game of football catch.”

“When the officer approached the area, the subject threw the football at the officer. The officer deflected the football and went to speak with the man. The man stated that he was a friend of the children’s parents. Others who notified the officer said they had heard the subject tell the children that he was their uncle.”

“The subject appeared intoxicated and was not cooperative with the officer. A second officer arrived, and it was determined that the subject would be detained pending further investigation. The subject resisted being placed in handcuffs but was eventually restrained.”

“While being escorted to the police station, the subject screamed obscenities and disrupted the family atmosphere of the event.”

“Further interviews revealed that the subject had repeatedly grabbed a young boy and the boy felt that the subject was going to take him from his parents. When the boy’s parents told the boy to come to them the subject stepped in between them to prevent the parents from taking custody of their child.”

“The subject was identified as Jeremy Mills, a 38-year-old Pinckney man, who did not know any of the children involved or their parents. He was lodged at the Livingston County Jail without bond.”

“On 06-22-24, the Livingston Co Prosecutor’s Office authorized numerous felony charges against Mills.”

“On 06-23-24, Mills was arraigned in the 53rd District Court and a $100,000 cash bond was set.”

“The events held in the downtown area are family oriented and we have not encountered this level of disruption in the past. We will continue to investigate to ensure that all victims are located and addressed.”