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The Clare Area Chamber of Commerce reported that an American Dagger Caterpillar was spotted during a hike through the trails of the Mid Michigan College campus.

According to, the bug’s appearance is even more impressive than its name, in a 1980s hair-band sort of way. It is covered in light yellowish green bristles. There are five bunches of black bristles accentuating the caterpillar’s ‘bad boy’ look and reputation like long, goth eyelashes. It’s these bristles you’ve got to look out for. They break-off when touched and embed themselves in the skin. Toxins stored in the bristles are released creating a stinging sensation.

However, the wildly youthful, and just a little dangerous, caterpillar soon outgrows its errant ways when it cocoons itself into a chrysalis soon metamorphosing into a responsible adult moth, boring and drab, no longer dangerous or turning heads, just paying bills and trying to avoid a bigger belt.


Kids, curious and not knowing any better, have picked up the fuzzy, cuddly-looking caterpillars only to have things go counterintuitively wrong. They end up with a burning/itching sensation on their skin and a rash.

The Clare Area Chamber of Commerce broke the news on Facebook with apocalyptic fervor.

All caps headers, exclamation points, and life after being stung described as an “aftermath.”

It’s the end of the world.