Police Blotter – Saline

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Saline City Police

Compiled By Angelo Parlove

7/25 ~4:23pm, a complainant came to the police department to report an embezzlement at the Victory Lane on West Michigan Avenue. The complainant, who is a 37-year-old St. Clair Shores man and district manager for Victory Lane, reported a former employee failed to deposit and drop cash after her shift on two occasions. The former employee and suspect is a 36-year-old Saline woman. The complainant showed the officer supporting documents, including an email with missing deposits and a “revenue reconciliation report.” The missing deposits were for $39.97 on July 3 and $79.48 on July 7 for a total amount of $119.45. The suspect also failed to return six uniforms valued at $100 and the key to the entry door of the business. Since the complainant’s report, the police department attempted to contact the suspect several times, but were unable to reach the woman. According to the police report, the officer left numerous voicemail messages for the suspect, instructing her to call back between the eight-hour shift of 4pm and midnight. Between July 25-27, the officer called her cell phone twice and left voicemail messages. The officer also had the city’s IT manager send a text and Facebook message to the woman. On July 28, the officer received a voicemail from the suspect stating she lost her phone, that she now has it back and asked the officer to call her back. On July 30 and Aug. 1, the officer left the woman further voicemail messages. On Aug. 5, the suspect again left the officer a return voicemail. On Aug. 6, the officer called the suspect’s cell phone, and a male answered. The individual said he would call the suspect and have her call the officer back. On Aug. 7, the woman left another voicemail for the officer. According to the police report, due to the “phone tag” continued by the suspect and her returning calls outside the instructed hours, the case was being forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review. On Aug. 8, the complainant then received a text message from the suspect saying she was dropping off the uniforms and key. She also said she was paying back the money by the end of the week. Regardless, the complainant and Victory Lane still want to press charges, the police report said. The case was turned over to the prosecutor.


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Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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