Police Blotter – Saline, Dexter, Manchester, Chelsea

Saline Police Blotter

3/30 Larceny – police received a call reporting a larceny from the Salvation Army. Unknown male was seen on camera taking multiple items when employees had their back turned. Management recognized the individual but did not know his name or what kind of vehicle he drove. Suspect is described as black male, early 40’s, with short black hair and a mustache. 5’9 – 6’ weighting about 165 lbs. The male was last seen wearing a black coat with black pants.

~Operating under the Influence of Alcohol / Liquor – Officer noticed vehicle behind him had merged in front of another car in the intersection. Officer let the vehicle pass before pulling behind the vehicle and turning on his lights. Officer spoke with driver who denied drinking but admitted to smoking marijuana. Officer noticed signs of intoxication throughout his encounter and driver failed multiple field tests. Officer arrested driver for OWI and impounded the car.

~Disorderly Conduct –  Complainant noticed a temporary employee walking to their work station without receiving their assignment. When complainant attempted to assign the employee a work station, employee refused. Complainant advised employee that her services were no longer needed and asked her to leave the building.

Employee refused to leave and began yelling with the complainant before walking into the restroom. Complainant called SPD for assistance.

Offices arrived, learned story, asked the employee to exit the restroom. Employee refused, and officers told employee that management had ended employment and she had to leave immediately. Employee began swearing at the officers. Officers advised employee she had three minutes to vacate the premises. Employee exited bathroom minutes later and attempted to walk past the officers. Officers told employee to stop, she did not comply. Officer placed right hand on employee’s back and left hand on employee’s arm and repeated instructions.

Employee failed to comply and began yelling, due to failing to leave the premises when instructed employee was arrested for trespassing and disturbing the peace. Officers were attacked by arrestee before being taken to the ground and handcuffed. Officers sustained minor injuries. Report will be forwarded to the prosecutor for charges.

4/6 Assist Fire Department – Officer dispatched to Ace Hardware for report of vehicle fire, officer arrived to find white SUV engulfed in flames. Officer advised SPD and requested citizens in the area and downwind to move. Officer blocked a lane of travel to provide access for SFD upon arrival.

Owner stated she had drove the car to work and parked it in front of the store for 10-15 minutes prior to the fire. She did not detect any odors or warning signs but upon return to her vehicle flames were visible.

4/10 Animal Complaint – Victim came to SPD to make a report, said he was walking his dog when another dog ran up to his dog and bit it near the neck. Victim stated he saw owner open their door to get mail before dog ran out and attacked his dog. Victim stated owner helped separate the dogs and apologized. Victim took his dog to a veterinarian and did not locate any injuries. Victim stated he did not want any prosecution but wanted the incident on file in case the dog attacked anyone else. Officers called suspect and issued a warning for failure to control the dog.

4/11 Aggravated/Felonious Assault – Complainant called SPD to report his daughter was trespassing and refusing to leave. While officers were dispatched to the scene, suspect had hit the complainant, on the head with a hair dryer and he was now bleeding, Officers requested an ambulance while en route, while receiving a call from the victim’s wife stating that the suspect had been locked out of the residence.

Officer approached resident upon arrival and saw suspect walking towards a vehicle in the driveway. Officer attempted to engage suspect in dialogue before asking her to stop twice. Suspect walked away faster before officer told her it would be the last time he asked her. Officer grabbed suspects arm when she still did not comply. Officer placed suspect over hood of vehicle that was in the garage and handcuffed her.

Suspect was placed into SPD officer’s vehicle and transported to SPD for booking on domestic violence charges.

Washtenaw County Sheriff

Manchester Patrol

4/9 ~A deputy took a report of Malicious Destruction of Property.  A bench in Kirk Park was vandalized and made unusable.  The case remains under investigation.

4/11 ~A report of property damage was made.  A fence was reported to have been damaged in the 100 block of East Main Street when a vehicle struck it and the driver failed to report the damage.  The case is being investigated.

Chelsea City Police

4/14 ~7:35pm, officers were advised that the City of Detroit Police Department had a 35-year-old Dearborn woman under arrest for a warrant out of their jurisdiction. The warrant was for failing to appear on a felony forgery charge. An officer responded to the Romulus Police Department to meet with Detroit Police and receive the prisoner. The prisoner was transported to the Washtenaw County Jail where she will be held pending her court appearance on the charge.

Nothing to report from Dexter




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