Precinct Delegate Official Candidates

The Precinct Delegate Official Candidates are:


Name on Ballot             Jurisdiction                              Precinct

Rod Anderson               City of Chelsea                          1
Richard Anderson         City of Chelsea                          1
Denis G. Morse             City of Chelsea                          1
Krysta J. Hicks               City of Chelsea                          1
Phyllis L. Risdon            Dexter Township                      1
Scott Moneypenny       Dexter Township                      1
John K. Taylor               Dexter Township                      1
Kelly R. Wright             Dexter Township                      1
Douglas Wright             Dexter Township                      1
Donald A. Desmith        Dexter Township                      1
Sherry Adair                 Dexter Township                      1
Joshua Fink                   City of Dexter                           1
Teresa Reynhout          Lima Township                         1
Louis H. Issel                 Lima Township                         1
Barbara Issel                 Lima Township                         1
Ron Howdyshell                       Lima Township                         1
Gregory Marquis           Lima Township                         2
Lee Pichan                   Lima Township                         2
Andrew M. KapanowskiLima Township                         2
David A. Raney              Lima Township                         2
Phyllis Howell              Lima Township                         2
James B. Howell           Lima Township                         2
Vance D. Kennedy        Lyndon Township                     2
Annette C . Kennedy     Lyndon Township                     2
Madeline Brunt            Lyndon Township                     1
Thomas Brunt               Lyndon Township                     1
Dawn Donnelly`           Lyndon Township                     1
Ken Magee                   Lyndon Township                     1
Lucy M. Crossey            City of Saline                            1
Eric Liebriedis              City of Saline                            2
Eunice M. Frey-Dobbs   City of Saline                            2
Gerald Austin               City of Saline                            2
Jan E. Austin                 City of Saline                            2
Susan M. Leslie             City of Saline                            3
Bob Wild                      City of Saline                            3
Marianna Bizgu             Scio Township                          2
Lisa Gubacu                  Scio Township                          2
Charles Harrison           Scio Township                          2
Coletta Harrison           Scio Township                          2
Dorothy Lynn Phillips    Scio Township                          3
William W. Gordon       Scio Township                          4
Gary S. Greiner             Scio Township                          5
John Dunlap                 Scio Township                          7

Name on Ballot             Jurisdiction                  Ward    Precinct

Cole Miner                   City of Dexter                           1
Maria L. Walz                City of Dexter                           3
Paul W. Schubert          City of Dexter                           3
Susan A. Gannon           Dexter Township                      3
Jeremy S. Glick             Scio Township                          1
Chris Savage                 Scio Township                          2
Maria Green                 Scio Township                          2
David A. Nacht              Scio Township                          3
Caroline R. Altomare    Scio Township                          4
Mary Beth Day              Scio Township                          4
Carolyn Hejkal              Scio Township                          6
Mark Kassof                  Scio Township                          6
Ayman Khafagi              Scio Township                          7
Tanya Reza                   Scio Township                          7


Name on Ballot             Jurisdiction                  Ward    Precinct

James Lewis Hudler      Sylvan Township                       1
Arthur W. Gulicck         Sylvan Township                       1

As for who is running for State Representative in our District 52, to date we have on the Democratic ticket, Donna Lasinski, and on the Republican, Teri Aiuto.  There is one seat available.

There is one seat available for Sylvan Township Trustee, and current Trustee Cyndi Jabara is the only one currently running.


Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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