UPDATED on Aug. 21

After a long and grueling day in 100 degree plus weather, we finally caught all the pigs on the property! I brought 5 pigs back with me to Barn Sanctuary and I am beyong thrilled have a home. They still need immediate medical care to look for disease and infections. It is possible the mothers are pregnant as well.

The vet is coming to Barn on Friday to get an initial assessment and blood work done. Next we will spay and neuter when the time is appropriate. Thank you for following their rescue and tune into Animal Planet in January 2020to watch the Barn Sanctuary TV show and their entire rescue story!
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Your friend,

  Dan McKernan
Barn Sanctuary


This morning, Dan McKernan, owner of The Barn Sanctuary in Chelsea, MI. reached out to The Sun Times about numerous pigs in need of immediate care and refuge from North Carolina.


Stay tuned to the Barn Sancutary’s social media, Dan will be updating the rescue on the go.

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