River Raisin Park Construction Bids Received, Bid Approved

By Seth Kinker, skinker@thesuntimesnews.com
On Jan. 7 the Manchester village council approved a construction bid from LJ Construction for $536,500 for the River Raisin Park.

Neal Billetdeaux, landscape architect with JJRSmith Group, reported to council that of the three bids, it was the lowest received. He went on to say that they were highly recommended after checking their references and used local subcontractors.

Village Manager Jeff Wallace showed the council a spreadsheet with grant revenue and costs if they were to go with LJ construction. Helical piers were one of the suggestions and would deduct $39,800 from the overall costs.

Other additions included a concrete step alternate and changing the decking material to clear treated pine because it wouldn’t warp or move as much in wet condition and added $5,313 to the cost.

Billetdeaux also told council that LJ Construction would be committed do doing any work in the water before the spawning season in order to make sure the project would be completed by September, something that was a focus for the project once plans were redrawn.

The total bid, $613,001, was approved by village council to be submitted to the DNR.

Village manager Jeff Wallace told The Sun Times if all goes according to plan, he’s hopeful to sign a contract later this month, then any work to be done before spring becomes dependent on weather.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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