River Raisin Park Update

By: Seth Kinker, skinker@thesutimesnews.com

Manchester Village Council Members were updated, At the Oct. 1, on current proceedings with the new River Raisin Park located in downtown Manchester.

Neil Billetdeaux of JJR Smith Group, was at the meeting and detailed how JJR and the village were looking at ways to bring the project into budget.

With the new ball park budget of between $410,000 and $415,000, without contingency, there were to be talks after the Oct. 1 meeting to continue to finalize new details.

Billetdeaux noted it was important to be careful to keep in line with Michigan Department of Natural Resources grant and contract requirements, he also stated that the projected numbers for new prices were from unit prices, to be reflective of the changes. The changes weren’t based on bids, Billetdeaux said none were usable. The unit prices were upped for some items to be more conservative with the cost estimate.

Council member Marty Way asked if there was any benefit in the timing, if they should wait to put out bids until after the cold seasons with a bid to be done by next fall.

Billetdeaux said he met with village manager Jeff Wallace and they have a tentative schedule to go out to bid the Monday after Thanksgiving, with bids being in by mid-December. Then, the recommendation would be made at the first council meeting in January of 2019, giving them until Aug. – Sept. to finish.

This is keeping in mind with MDNR restrictions on when work can be done in the water, from Apr. 1 – Jun. 30 is spawning season. The goal would be getting the base work of the boardwalk in before Apr. 1, then the boardwalk could be worked on with everything else being finished after the Jun. 30 date, then the schedule will go out for bid.

Changes include adjustments to concrete steps, walls, the kayak/canoe launch, the fishing deck, and the boardwalk.

Billetdeaux also noted that the MDNR would have to review the plans again, taking a couple weeks but anticipated Wallace being able to bring the plans to the next council meeting on Oct. 15.


Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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