Road commission holds informational meeting regarding Zeeb improvements

By: Seth Kinker,

The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) held an informational meeting regarding the Zeeb road improvement project slated to begin the week of Apr. 15.

Held in the board room at the road commission on Apr. 11, the meeting was held in an open format setting with plans around the room and James Hui, the project manager, as well as project engineers on hand to answer any questions. 

Emily Kizer, Communications Manager for the WCRC, told The Sun Times the main questions Hui received during the Apr. 11 had to do with the schedule, intersections in the construction areas, the paving of Zeeb from Pleasant Lake road to Ellsworth, mail delivery and garbage services, and planned residential property work for this summer. 

This project will rebuild and replace Zeeb road from Ellsworth road to Waters road in Lodi Township. It will pulverize and resurface the pavement on Zeeb from Waters to the StoneCo driveway. Curb, gutter, and drainage structures will be installed along with signage and pavement markings.

Utilities in the area will not be affected as relocation of known utilizes has already taken place and mail and garbage services will remain the same. 

Scheduled to begin on Apr. 15, the goal for the WCRC is to complete the project by mid-August.

On Apr. 29, Zeeb will be closed to roadway users who do not live or own property in the project limits and will have to detour around, the intersections at the crossroads of the construction will not be open either. 

Funding for this project, which totals $1,410,000 comes from the county road millage ($130,000), state transportation funds ($780,000) and supplemental appropriation from state legislators from 2018 ($500,000). 

There were about 15-20 people in the room when the meeting began, scattered around the room looking at the various plans and talking to Hui and engineers. 

Additional information on all WCRC projects can be found on their website, 

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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