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Saline Middle School is Going Solar

Saline Area Schools are moving forward with its solar project after the school board approved a plan for a roof-mounted solar array to be installed at Saline Middle School.

At its May 14 meeting, the SAS Board of Education approved a recommendation made by school district administration and consultants, Lecole Planners, for the solar installation portion at Saline Middle School, which is scheduled for installation in 2024. This decision goes back to the Dec. 12 meeting when a presentation was provided for the Saline High and Middle School Roof Integrated Solar Projects.

The school board unanimously approved awarding a contract to YellowLite, Inc. in the amount of $605,880 for the Saline Middle School Roof Integrated Solar Installation.

Rex Clary, Executive Director of Operations for Saline Area Schools, said this is for the installation of the panels, which have already been purchased. The bid for the middle school came in under budget by $124,000.

The installation of the high school portion will be bid out later this year and be worked on next year. The overall budget for both portions is $1.6 million.

In another decision by the school board, an agreement was made with NBS Commercial Interiors and Interior Environments to supply and install the furniture in the new Hornet Operations Center, which is located at 1255 Tefft Court.

The agreement states NBS Commercial Interiors will be paid $84,576.36 while Interior Environments $35,920.66, which when added with Kingscott’s Professional Fees $ 8,400 and the contingency of 5 percent, the overall cost is $134,897.02. The new Hornet Operations Center is expected to be completed and open by this fall.