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The Summer Booster Sessions offered by Saline Area Schools in partnership with Saline Community Education are designed to provide additional academic support for students who could benefit from a review of the previous school years’ content. These are refresher/review courses and are not for academic credit.

Here are some of the courses listed:

  1. 3rd Grade Skill Boosters: Focuses on reinforcing 3rd grade skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, aiming for proficiency that supports the transition to 4th grade.
  2. 4th Grade Math Boosters: A 3-week course that covers computation strategies, fractions, and geometry, intended to sharpen math skills before entering 5th grade.
  3. 5th Grade Math Boosters: A 6-week course covering traditional multiplication, division, decimals, and fractions, preparing students for middle school mathematics.
  4. 5th Grade Reading and Writing Boosters: Enhances reading and writing skills through project-based learning, focusing on narrative and informational/persuasive writing.
  5. 8th-9th Grade Algebra Booster: Supports students transitioning to high school by reinforcing algebra concepts and preparing them for Algebra 1 expectations.
  6. Algebra Booster: Focuses on increasing algebra skills, preparing students for success in future algebra courses.
  7. Build Your Reading Superpowers! Targets early readers to enhance phonics, comprehension, and vocabulary, fostering a love for reading.
  8. English 9 Booster: Prepares students for high school by focusing on writing skills, including essay writing and practical skills like professional emailing.
  9. First Grade Literacy Boost: Preparing for Second Grade Success: Helps children moving into 2nd grade strengthen foundational literacy skills through engaging activities.
  10. First Grade Phonics Booster: A 4-week course reviewing phonics skills from 1st grade, designed to build confidence in reading and prevent summer learning loss.
  11. High School Transition/Study Skills: Enhances study skills and assists with the transition to high school, reviewing material from the previous year.
  12. Intro to Science Writing: Builds foundational writing skills for 7th graders, focusing on claims based on evidence and scientific reasoning.
  13. Kindergarten Booster with Mr. Ball: Provides extra practice in reading, writing, and math for students transitioning from kindergarten to 1st grade.
  14. Kindergarten Summer Boosters with Ms. Twork: Aims to build and maintain kindergarten-level skills, focusing on literacy and math, preparing students for 1st grade.
  15. Powerful Paragraphs: Writing Booster for Freshman Year: Helps students master paragraph writing in formats commonly used in 9th grade, enhancing their ability to produce academically rich writing.
  16. Science Exploration and Experimentation: Engages students in creating experiments and learning basic science skills, laying a foundation for future science education.
  17. Second Grade Booster with Ms. Franson: Provides additional practice in reading, writing, and math for students entering 3rd grade.
  18. Second Grade Booster with Ms. Simion: Similar to the course by Ms. Franson, this also targets students transitioning from 2nd to 3rd grade with a focus on core academic skills.
  19. Summer Leap into First Grade: Literacy Boost: Prepares kindergarteners for 1st grade with a focus on foundational literacy skills through interactive activities.

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