Scio Township Adds Firefighters

Scio Township interim Fire Chief Doug Armstrong (white shirt) introduces to the township board on Jan. 8 the three, new full-time hires for the township fire department. From right to left: Chris Samborn, Glen Cobb and Chris Collier.
photo by Lonnie Huhman

By Lonnie Huhman,

The Scio Township Fire Department has added three new full-time firefighters.

Glen Cobb, Chris Samborn and Chris Collier were introduced on Jan. 8, to the township board by interim Fire Chief Doug Armstrong.

Before introducing the new hires, township supervisor Jack Knowles said township manager Bryce Kelley noted the hires in a memo to the board.

“I’m pleased to note the addition of these three, new full-time members of the fire department will not only increase the general safety for all Scio residents, they will give us additional manpower and flexibility in how we deploy and utilize our firefighting resources,” Knowles read from the memo.

Armstrong said this was an important and exciting development for the department and township. He said as the township has grown with population and structures, which has seen emergency calls go up, so has the need for additional firefighters.  

He said the need has been around for two or three years. The three new spots were planned and budgeted for in the 2018-2019 fire department budget.

“So it’s great we have come to this point,” Armstrong said of the hires.

All three hires were paid-on-call firefighters for the township and are well known to the department, Armstrong said in his memo to Kelley and the township board. They successfully completed a rigorous hiring process, which included interviewing with some outside professionals, including two fire chiefs and a human resources professional.

The second part of their interviews had them sitting down for interviews and being scored by the department shift commanders, which included Armstrong and director John Ichesco.

“I have the utmost confidence that we’ve made great selections and got staff here…that will make long-lasting and positive contributions to the department and to the township,” Armstrong said.

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