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Scio Township’s Trash Service is Switching Hands

Scio Township is seeing a change in its trash service.

At their June 11 meeting, the Scio Township Board approved the signing of the letter agreeing to GFL’s assignment of the Scio Township contract to Priority. This was approved by a 7 to 0 vote of the board.

In her report to the board, Scio Township Manager Joyce Parker said, “GFL contacted the township on June 1 to verbally notify their intent to discontinue their residential collection services in southeastern Michigan. It is their intent to sell their assets used in its southeast Michigan residential solid waste collection business to Priority Waste, LLC. Their plan is to complete the transfer by June 30, 2024. Upon completion, Priority Waste, LLC will commence services July 1, 2024. GFL has stated they will continue to provide collection services to Scio Township residents until the transfer of services to Priority Waste, LLC is complete.”

Parker said a meeting was held with GFL representatives on June 4 to discuss their plans and timeframe and what information is required under the agreement for assignment of the agreement. She said, “The township also shared that township approval is required but could not be unreasonably withheld. Since the meeting, the attached notification has been submitted to the township.”

In a communication dated June 4, GFL said:

“Dear Valued Customer:

We are writing to you in connection with your residential collection services contract with GFL Environmental USA Inc. (“GFL”) (the “Agreement”).

We are excited to announce that GFL has agreed to sell the assets used in its Southeast Michigan residential solid waste collection business to Priority Waste LLC (“Priority”) (such sale, the “Transaction”).

In connection with and conditioned upon closing of the Transaction, it is contemplated that Priority will acquire the Agreement by way of an assignment of the Agreement by GFL to Priority, effective at the closing of the Transaction (the “Agreement Transfer”). We anticipate that the closing of the Transaction and the Agreement Transfer will occur on June 30, 2024, assuming all conditions to closing are satisfied or waived.

We are certain that Priority will continue to meet the high service standards you have come to expect from dealing with GFL and we and Priority are coordinating the transition of the business to ensure there is no disruption in service. GFL will continue to perform its obligations under the Agreement until the closing of the Transaction. Please continue to remit payment to GFL until you are instructed otherwise.

We would ask that you please return a countersigned copy of this letter by email at your earliest convenience. By signing this letter, you consent to the Agreement Transfer, waive any notice period or any other requirement in the Agreement with respect to the Agreement Transfer and agree that, notwithstanding the closing of the Transaction, the Agreement will survive and continue in full force and effect without any further action by you or GFL. Your consent will be effective as of the date of closing of the Transaction.

Please reach out to one of us personally with any questions you may have. On behalf of all of us at GFL, thank you for your business.”

Parker said Priority, LLC “also made contact with the township for introductions and to provide insight regarding the company and their residential collection business.”