Shared Use Trail in Manchester Nears Completion

By Seth Kinker,

A big push in local communities over the past ten years has shown a trend towards community members wanting more parks and trails available.

In Manchester they’re coming close to finishing part two of the Shared Use Trail, a former New York Central Railroad bed, owned by the Village of Manchester, into a finished shared-use walking and bicycling trail which will traverse the village limits.

The idea is to get more foot traffic and people into the community of Manchester while showing the amenities and businesses the village has to offer.

The village was required to match grant money from Washtenaw County Parks to get the project completed this year, but need to check into a few more smaller grants to see if that will be feasible.

“We just got an announcement that we received a grant from Consumers Energy Foundation for $5,000 dollars,” said Village Manager Jeff Wallace. “We think we’ve gotten to a point where we can update the numbers, not just the revenue side but the expense side, fine tune it and may be able to complete it this year.”

Wallace was instructed by council during their Mar. 5 meeting to find out how far apart they are numbers-wise from being able to complete the project this year.

Wallace is optimistic but wants to check with engineers and contractors to see updated numbers in order to give the council all the information they need to make the correct decision.

“I think we’re getting within the critical 10-15 percent of what we think the cost will be,” said Wallace. “If we get that, then we’ll know in another month or so on a couple of them [grants], then council will make the decision if they need to kick in some more money and what would that number be, so we can get this closed out and done.”


Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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