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Sheridan Books took some time out of its busy day on Dec. 3 to celebrate one of the things that makes it a successful business, and that is its employees, specifically one of them.

Longtime Sheridan employee Tim Hickman was recognized that day for 45 years of working at Sheridan.

“He’s a big part of our daily operations,” Sheridan Production Manager Timothy Kennard said of Hickman.

Tim Hickman

“On the press side of things, he’s our go-to guy,” Kennard said.

Hickman was at work in the press room when The Sun Times News asked him about this recognition.

He said he never thought of setting out to work somewhere 45 years, but rather he woke up each day knowing he was proud of where he worked and what he did.

“It’s been a good, steady job,” he said.

Hickman comes from a family of pressmen with a father that was one and a brother who also works at Sheridan. He had previous jobs, but made his way to Sheridan in 1974 and has been there ever since.

Kennard said Hickman’s story is one of many unique ones at this Chelsea business, which works to meet their customers’ print and electronic book publishing needs.

There are 19 current employees with 40 or more years: Edward Blissick, Nathan Krebs, Maggie Hachey, Michele Wheeler, Roger Crouch, Paul Elmer, Bill Brown, Robert Salow, Kirk Shingledecker, Russell Luckhardt, Tom Sanderson, Karen Otlewski, Kevin Van Orman, Keith Shingledecker, Rick Trotter and Mark York while Hickman, Charlotte Vandegrift and Barb Morton have over 45 years.

“I think it says a lot about the person and the company,” Kennard said of the longevity of these employees.

Sheridan has seen some growth over the past two years in with new employees coming over from Thomson-Shore of Dexter and Edwards Brothers Malloy in Ann Arbor while it also added more equipment, work and building space.

And they’re still looking to hire.

Kennard said as one of the larger employers in the community, just over 400, Sheridan is very appreciative to have such a great group of highly skilled employees, who bring with them a lot of wisdom and hands-on experience.