Showing Gratitude at Dexter’s Wylie Elementary

By Lonnie Huhman,

Anyone at the school can write a note of thanks for the Gratitude Board.

Showing gratitude is an important thing at Dexter’s Wylie Elementary School.

So much so that a bulletin board has been dedicated on a wall near the school’s main office to allow students and staff to let everyone know whom they are thankful for.

It’s called the “Gratitude Board.” It was created in the 2016-17 school year at the school serving grades third and fourth.

“At Wylie, we believe that social and emotional learning are important for our students’ well-being and academic success,” Wylie Principal Katie See said. “The Gratitude Board is one way to foster an appreciation for one another. Our social worker started the Gratitude Board.”
See said the goal of it “is to promote our students’ social awareness and relationship skills.”

Anyone in the school can write a sticky note to place on the Gratitude Board. The note tells who they are thankful for at Wylie. See said sometimes they read some of the sticky notes during morning announcements.

In getting the students’ reactions to it, See said students typically say they, “really like the Gratitude Board because it shows how the students and staff appreciate everyone and that’s really nice.”

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