Lodi Township Special Assessment District Public Hearing to meet, review, and hear any objections to the special assessment roll for East Arbor.

WHEREAS, on July 22, 2019, by Resolution 2019-016, the Lodi Township Board:

  1. I) Designated that a special assessment district against which the costs of the

improvements will be assessed to finance the construction, improvement of East Arbor by rebuilding and repaving the designated portion of East Arbor was created and that the special assessment district shall be permanent; and

2) Determined that the improvement shall be completed and that the costs assessed to the special assessment district shall be repaid over a term of ten (1 0) years; and


3) Approved the plans and estimates of cost originally presented as revised, corrected, amended, and changed; and

4) Directed the Township Supervisor to prepare a special assessment roll in which are entered and described all the parcels of land to be assessed,  with the names of the respective record owners of each parcel , if known, and the total amount  to be assessed  against each parcel of land, which amount shall be the relative portion of the whole sum to be levied against all parcels of land in the special assessment district as the benefit to the parcel of land bears to the total benefit to all parcels of land in the special assessment district; and

WHEREAS, the Township Supervisor has completed the assessment roll, and affixed to the roll her certificate stating that the roll was made pursuant to resolution 2019-016 of the Township Board adopted on July 22, 2019, and that in making the assessment roll she, according to her best judgment, has conformed in all respects to the directions contained in the resolution and the statutes of this state; and

WHEREAS, the assessment roll has been reported to the Township Board by the Supervisor and fi l ed in the office of the Township Clerk; and

WHEREAS, at a special meeting on July 25, 2019, at 9:00 a.m., by Resolution 2019-017, the Lodi Township Board for the purpose of providing notice as required by law set a new date and time for the public hearing to meet, review, and hear any objections to the assessment roll;

The Lodi Township Board will hold a public hearing to meet, review, and hear any objections to the assessment roll at the Lodi Township Hall, 3755 Pleasant Lake Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, on Friday, August 9, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. After the hearing the Township Board, at the same or at a subsequent meeting, may confirm the special assessment roll as reported to the Township Board by the Supervisor or as amended or corrected by the Township Board; may refer the assessment roll back to the Supervisor for revision; or may annul it and direct a new roll to be made.

The special assessment district includes all parcel with frontage along the portions of the

East Arbor being improved, those being parcel numbers M-13-01-400-013, M-13-01-400-052, M-13-01-400-014, M-13-01-400-051, M-13-01-400-038, M-13-01-400-039, M-13-01-400-018, M-13-01-400-033, M-13-01-400-032, M-13-01-400-31. Beginning with address 2600 East Arbor Road, ending with address 2850 East Arbor Road.

Plans describing the improvement and the location of the improvement with an estimate of the cost of the improvement are on file with the Lodi Township Clerk and are available for public inspection.

A property owner or any person having an interest in the real property may file a written appeal of a special assessment to the Michigan Tax Tribunal within 30 days after the confirmation of the special assessment roll.  The special assessment cannot be appealed unless the person appeared and protested the special assessment at the hearing held for the purpose of confirming the roll (MCL 211.746).  An appearance can be made in person or by mail and can be made by an agent for the property owner (MCL 211.741).  The objection must be filed in writing with the Clerk before the close of the hearing.

The Lodi Township Board will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing impaired and audio tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting, to individuals with disabilities at the meeting upon 10 days’ notice to the Lodi Township Clerk.  Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the Lodi Township Clerk by writing or calling the following: 3755 Pleasant Lake Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 or by calling: 734-665-7583.

Christina M. Smith, Lodi Township Clerk

Publish: July 31st 2019 & August 7th 2019 Sun Times News