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SRSLY Chelsea Launches New ‘Just Wait’ Campaign

Community News 

After a month of engaging the Chelsea community in their latest interactive mental health project, SRSLY Chelsea is excited to launch the final product of “Just Wait,” an intergenerational multimedia campaign. This is an opportunity for all generations to share their real-life experiences as a light at the end of the tunnel for the next generation. 

This concept was created by SRSLY Chelsea’s Student Leadership Team after teens shared that they frequently encountered negativity when attempting to express to adults in their life that they were struggling. Maybe it was a failed exam, family challenges, bullying or a breakup, but when seeking support or hope that it would get better, teens were often met with the response, “Oh you think it’s bad now? Just wait…”. Leaving them to sit with a reality that not only was it bad now, but it would only get worse. SRSLY’s teens also recognized this negativity in response to verbalized struggles aren’t unique to their generation. 

“The phrase ‘Oh you think it’s bad now? Just wait.’ is not a new one,” said Kate Yocum, director of SRSLY Chelsea. “It’s something our teens hear, but something that each generation hears in their own way. Sometimes newlyweds, new parents, retirees, veterans, and many others encounter in a moment when they just need to know it’s going to be okay. Our Chelsea teens wanted to change that narrative and connect across generations to share that elusive hope that’s desperately needed in these moments.” 

“This campaign offers us a positive point of view on growing up and experiencing new things.” said Lyla Dabbs, CHS Sophomore and SRSLY Student Team member.  

Instead of hearing “Oh you think it’s bad now? Just wait until…” in response to verbalizing their current teen frustrations or challenges, they asked community members of all ages to share their positive “just wait” that offer validation of the struggle while also building resilience through hearing an underlying message of optimism: It will be okay. It will get better. You will look back and see you survived this moment, year or season. 

 In April, more than 150 responses poured in from all generations in Chelsea, from ages 14 to 96 years old. Each quote answered the question, “What did you need to hear? What would you tell your younger self? Your friend? Your child?” Each reply was its own unique reflection of a real experience that offered optimism to the generation (or many generations) before them. Responses were kept anonymous, requesting only age and the perspective of the individual to enable vulnerability and authenticity of shared wisdom. 

“The future is meant to be exciting and astonishing, not scary,” said Allison Schumann, CHS Senior and SRSLY Student Team member. “Life can be hard to navigate, but there is always something to look forward to in your life, you just have to be willing to take that extra step to get there. “Time is our biggest enemy but also our greatest treasure, so remember that your time will come if you just wait.” 

“This campaign has impacted me so much more than I thought it would. So many of the “just wait…” quotes made me realize how important it is to keep going. All the negative feelings I’ve been experiencing about my future have slowly gone away because I’ve realized that there is so much more life to live and we should cherish that.” said Schumann. 

SRSLY is bringing the campaign and these quotes to life through the launch of a shareable social media campaign and a video compilation of volunteers reading these responses. 

Nicolette Rivers, SRSLY Marketing Lead shared her experience with the project, “Having the opportunity to participate in this campaign made me feel thoughtful, connected and inspired. Hearing different perspectives is enlightening, and it’s always wonderful to be part of something that brings people together and allows for meaningful connections.” 

“It’s something that’s very impactful because no matter who you are or where you’re at in life, this message, this campaign, is for you.” Rivers said. 

Regardless of how old you are or what you’re going through, we hope you find a quote within this project that offers you hope in the moment you need it most. 

To watch the release video, scan the QR code below or click HERE. 


To view the campaign’s full launch, follow SRSLY on Instagram and Facebook. To learn more about the work SRSLY is doing for mental health and substance abuse prevention, visit srsly.org. To donate, please visit https://giving.stjoeshealth.org/srsly.