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SRSLY Dexter brings back Youth Summer Series with White Lotus Farms 

Community News 

SRSLY Dexter is excited to announce the return of its SRSLY White Lotus Farms Youth Series, now underway and continuing through mid-August. This unique program provides Dexter youth ages 11-17 with a valuable opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors, interact closely with farm animals, and participate in creative projects at White Lotus Farms. 

This youth program was created in 2021 through a partnership with SRSLY Dexter and White Lotus Farms. Each session is organized and led by SRSLY Dexter staff and Tammy Jagyur, a resident farmer and the herd manager at White Lotus Farms. Jagyur emphasizes that the program is not about having extra farm hands for her numerous tasks but about providing young people with enriching experiences. “Hosting a youth summer series with SRSLY is a chance for White Lotus Farms to share peace of mind, the inquisitive and caring perspective of farmers, and the joy of creative, fun projects with plants and animals,” says Jagyur. 

Participants in the SRSLY White Lotus Farms Youth Series will engage in hands-on activities, such as tending to their vegetable and herb garden in preparation for an end-of-season pizza party. They’ll also interact closely with farm animals, including bottle-feeding baby goats. Additionally, they’ll channel their creativity to enhance the farm experience for young visitors during Farm Cart days, undertaking projects like crafting checkerboards and creating fairy gardens. 

The series is designed to cultivate an appreciation for nature and promote mindfulness, inspiring the next generation to cherish the natural world and forge strong connections with their community and environment. 

For more information about the SRSLY White Lotus Farms Youth Series, please visit SRSLY Dexter’s website or contact SRSLY Dexter at srslydexter1@gmail.com