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On April 18, three dedicated leaders from Dexter High School’s SRSLY club traveled to Lansing to take part in Michigan Prevention Association’s Advocacy Day. This event aimed to raise awareness about substance use issues and advocate for legislative actions to address them.

Senior Mia Hilliard, and sophomores Clara Lamb and Brynn Fitch had the opportunity to meet with Senator Sue Shink, representing Michigan’s 14th Senate District, which includes Dexter. They emphasized the urgent need for strategies to combat substance use among their peers by focusing on two key areas: the reduction of cannabis advertising density, including billboards, and the restriction of flavored vape products, which are marketed towards teens and increase their risk of addiction.

Courtesy of SRSLY Dexter

Senator Shink was deeply impressed by the advocacy efforts of these DHS students and personally called SRSLY Dexter’s Program Director, Chrissie Kremzier, after the event to express her support for SRSLY’s mission.

“We’re so excited that Senator Shink supports what we’re doing,” expressed Clara Lamb, the incoming SRSLY Dexter president for the 2024-2025 school year. “Her commitment to helping teens in our community is motivating, and we hope to keep creating positive change in Dexter.”

Courtesy of SRSLY Dexter

The engagement of SRSLY DHS leaders with Senator Shink highlights the significance of grassroots advocacy. These students’ dedication to effecting change, and Senator Shink’s support, illustrate the possibility for collaborative efforts to make meaningful strides in youth substance use prevention.

For more information, please contact:

Chrissie Kremzier

SRSLY Dexter Coalition Director


Ursula Anderson

SRSLY Dexter Program Coordinator


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