Tuesday, June 12thwas the day slated to celebrate the new digs at St. Louis School.  After a tour of the new area, visitors gathered together as Bishop Emeritus Carl F. Mengeling from the Catholic Diocese of Lansing performed a mass, along with help from Father Enzo Addari, Father Joseph Rinaldo, and members of the school.

After mass, the attendees headed back to the house refreshments and words of appreciation by Bishop Mengeling, Father Joseph, Father Rinaldo, Public Relations Director Joseph Yekulis, and Norman Neuman. It was at this point that the logo for the St. Louis Guanella Village was revealed. The new village is named after the founder of the St. Louis School.

Joseph Yekulis, who also acted as emcee for the day, explained to the crowd that there were three reasons for having the open house. First, he said, to show off the new housing.  The second reason, he explained, was to thank the supporters and donors.  And finally, to let potential new people in need of this type of care for a loved one see their place.  The brochure that was handed out to all attendees stated in big letters, “Thank you to our major event sponsor, Old National”.

Of note was when Father Joseph spoke about when he first came to St. Louis school.  He recalled that there were two rooms for twenty students, ten in each room, and that he himself bunked in one of those rooms.  “My ‘room’ was a bed with a curtain around it’ he explained.  He went on to say that the bathrooms were at one end of the hall and the showers at the other, and that was how the housing was set up. “No one got much sleep back then,” he added.


On the heels of these remarks came the speakers; Wendell Dunbar, the Treasurer of the Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation, Alex P. Strati, Jr., Regional CEO of Old National Bank, Christine Lindemann, the sister of a St. Louis resident, Honorable Justice Kurtis Wilder, Michigan Supreme Court,  Representative Donna Lasinski, Michigan House of Representatives, and Kenneth Unterbrink, State Deputy, Michigan Knights of Columbus.

Following the remarks there was a ribbon cutting followed by food and games.

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