Stockbridge Township Supervisor CG Lantis called the Regular Stockbridge Township Board Meeting On May 15, 2017 at 7:32pm at the Stockbridge Township Hall. Board Members present at the meeting Supervisor CG Lantis, Clerk Becky Muraf, Treasurer Kris Lauckner, Trustee Terry Sommer, Trustee Ed Wetherell. No Stockbridge Township Board Members were absent from the meeting.

Pledge Allegiance Lead by Smith Elementary School students Ethan Sayler and Faith Young Moment of Silence: 7:35pm Citizens Comments: Discussion Lauckner motion to accept the Stockbridge Township Board Meeting Minutes from April 17, 2017. Sommer second All in favor Motion Carried.

Lauckner motioned to accept the Stockbridge Township Financial Report. Sommers second All in favor Motion Carried. Old Business: Trash Day:  Information will run in the paper until the event which is June 10, 2017 from 9am to 1pm Day in the Village requesting to set stage up on Tuesday or Wednesday before the event and will take down the stage on Sunday June 18, 2017 and allow a local church to use the stage for service on this day. Lauckner motion to accept the changes to allow the stage to be set up Tuesday or Wednesday and church service take place on Sunday. Sommer second All in favor Motion Carried Citizens Comments: New Business:  Planning Commission Book updates: 7:47pm Mandy Urquahart went over changes done in part 1 of the changes. Sommer motion to accept the recommendation and adding additions to the ordinance book. Lauckner second all in Favor Motion Carried. Part 2 is Accessory Buildings Recommendations Lauckner motion to accept 7.03.01 Accessory provisions with changes must have Ingham County Roads and Transportation Driveway permit and Must have a Stockbridge Township Building Department Residential Drive way Permit approved. Sommer second all in Favor Motion Carried John Hancock Additional Authorized Signer: Lantis nominated Sommer to be the second Authorized Signer for John Hancock Lauckner second All in Favor Motion carried Make a Wish Bicycle Tour Lauckner motion to allow Make a Wish Bicycle Tour to travel thru Stockbridge On July 30, 2017 Wetherell second All in Favor Motion Carried


Building Exterior: Discussion about getting the Stockbridge Township Hall Exterior sealed for a cost of $31,760.00 Roll call vote. Lauckner Yes, Sommer Yes, Muraf Yes, Wetherell Yes, Lantis Yes

Office Painting and Carpet Board will paint office Basketball Court Pat Harden is requesting $4000.00 for a Basketball Court at the Park on Center Street. Lauckner motion to support building a Basketball Court at the Park on Center Street for donating at total of $4000.00 Wetherell supports Roll call vote Wetherell Yes, Sommer Yes Lauckner Yes Muraf Yes Lantis Yes. Stockbridge Township Robotics Team Donation: Lantis explain that we can’t donate because it is not available for the whole community to benefit Fax Quote 9:03pm Lauckner motion to accept the bid to add faxing capability to our current copy machine in the sum of $495.00. Sommer second All in Favor Motion Carried Monthly Building Department Meetings are schedule at 6:30pm on the third Monday of each month before the Stockbridge Township Board Meetings. It is up to Katrina Griffith or Charlie Barnum are in charge of running them and setting them up if they choice to do so. Monthly Bills: Sommer motions to pay Stockbridge Township Monthly bills in the sum of $22870.96. Wetherell Supports Lantis Motions to limit training of new Employees training to 30 hours or 2 weeks if they need more they will have to ask for more training. Sommer seconds all in Favor Motion Carried Hot Topics Medical Marijuana Survey: 9:15pm will be a tri fold will go out in the mail no later than May 16, 2017 and will be due Back to the Township Hall by Noon on June 9, 2017 Medical Marijuana Discussion  Citizens Comments Discussion

Lantis motion to adjourn the Stockbridge Township Regular Board Meeting at 10:10pm