For December 19, 2016

Stockbridge Township Supervisor, CG Lantis called the Regular Stockbridge Township Board Meeting on December 19, 2016 to order at 7:36pm at the Stockbridge Township Hall. Stockbridge Township Board members present at the meeting: CG Lantis, Kris Lauchner, Becky Muraf, Terry Sommer and Ed Wetherell Pledge Allegiance: Moment of Silence: Stockbridge Township Board approved the December 19, 2016 Stockbridge Township Board Meeting agenda as printed Citizen’s Comments: no comments Stockbridge Township Board Meeting Minutes. Kris moved Terry second to approve the Stockbridge Township November 21, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes as printed. Motion carried Stockbridge Township Financial Report: Kris moved Terry Second to approve the Stockbridge Township Financial Report as printed. All in favor. Motion carried Old Business: Consumer Energy Tri County Franchise agreement Looking to reduce to 5 year. CG will follow up with calls to them Becky will be providing CG those numbers. Citizen’s Comments 7:42 no comments New Business: Budget Amendment for Drains Kris gave a little history of the drain commission for the new board members CG suggest new budget next year to budget for $10,000 and hopes that it will cover cost. Kris Motioned to accept and Terry seconded. Motion carried Funding request for Dugout Projects Jo Mayer explains that it is also for the safety of ball players as there is not any shelter currently. Will be tabling till next meeting. CG will contact the lawyers to see what the law is on providing donations to them. Jo Mayer also wanted CG to check in with the lawyers about future funding for field across from the High school to put in an athletic field Stockbridge Athletic Boosters Raffle License Amy Hoeksema   asking for Board to fill out resolution allow the Stockbridge Athletic Boosters to become a non-profit and be able to sell 50/50 raffle tickets at sporting events. Kris motion to recognize Stockbridge Athletic Boosters as a nonprofit for the township and accept a resolution for a charitable gaming license Terry seconded Motion carried Pay monthly bills 39,429.52 Kris motioned to pay the monthly bills in the amount of $39,429.52 Terry second Motion carried Citizens Comments: 8:04pm Introduced Charlie the Building inspector to the new Stockbridge Township Board members Adjourned: CG called meeting to adjourn 8:09pm


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