Stockbridge Township


January 16, 2017

Stockbridge Township Supervisor, CG Lantis called the Regular Stockbridge Township Board Meeting on January 16, 2016 7:30pm at the Stockbridge Township Hall.  Stockbridge Township Board members present at the meeting CG Lantis, Kris Lauchner, Becky Muraf, Ed Wetherell. Stockbridge Township Board Members absent from the meeting: Terry Sommers Pledge Allegiance: Moment of Silence: Review Agenda: One correction on agenda Ed Wetherell as Planning Commission Township Rep and Sandie Kay as advisor. Lauchner moved and Wetherell second. All in favor Motion carried Citizens Comments: None Stockbridge Township Board Meeting Minutes as printed for December 19, 2016 Lauchner moved Wetherell second. All in favor Motion carried. Stockbridge Township Financial Report: Muraf moved to Table till February 19, 2017 meeting Wetherell second All in favor motion carried Lauchner moved to allow Larry Clever from Burnham and flower to the top of the agenda due to the weather outside. Lantis second.  All in favor motion carried Larry Clever was present with over view of Stockbridge Township insurance from Burnham & Flower. Clever to go over and answer any questions on the policy with the Stockbridge Township Board. Stockbridge Township insurance cost is $15,281 for the year with an additional $68 for Casualty Limited Terrorism Coverage and additional $63 for Property Limited Terrorism Coverage with the option to add Cyber & Privacy Liability Coverage for $798. Lauchner motioned to renew Burnham & Flower insurance policy for 2017 in the amount of 15,281 additional $63 for Property Limited Terrorism Coverage and additional $68 for Casualty Limited Terrorism. Muraf second. Muraf did a roll call of the Stockbridge Township Board. Wetherell Yes Lauchner Yes Muraf Yes Lantis Yes Motion carried with Cyber& privacy Liability Coverage Tabled Old Business: Consumer Energy/Tri County Mark from Tri County we have the option to shorten it but would not recommend. They would like to move forward and investing. Going with the 30 year agreement we can stop it at any time if don’t like what they are doing. Consumer and Tri County have had 30 year agreements with you in the past and have not had any problems. Lauchner motioned to accept Tri County and Consumer Energy Franchise agreements. Wetherell second All in favor motion carried Baseball Dugout Lantis talked to MTA legal and unless the Township starts a league that everyone can join and play on they wouldn’t advise to donate without legal repercussions. Citizen’s Comments: none New Business: Motion to receive written appeals at March Board of Review Kris motion to receiver written appeals. Wetherell second All in favor. Motion carried Trash Day with Unadilla Motion to continue to investigate to join Unadilla Township with a trash day to dispose of larger items such as Tires paints TV and computers. Lauchner motion Muraf second All in favor Motion carried MS Bike Ride MS Great Lakes Mid-Michigan Breakaway Ride is schedule for Saturday, July 15 and Sunday, July 16, 2017. They have requested to use Stockbridge Township square as a rest stop again this year. Lauchner motioned to allow MS Great Lakes Mid-Michigan Breakaway Ride to use the grounds Muraf second Motion carried Planning Commission: Appoint Ed Wetherell as Stockbridge Township Rep to the Planning Commission and appoint Sandie Kay to be Planning Commission Advisor. Lauchner motion Muraf second All in favor Motion carried Building Department fourth Quarter 2016 went over building department reports with mention that there has been 7 New Houses permit in 2016. Pay Monthly bills Lauchner motion Wetherell Second all in favor motion carried Ingham County Road Department Final 2016 invoice $200,603.64 Lauchner motion to pay 2016 Final bill of $200,603.64 Wetherell Second Roll call Wetherell Yes, Lauchner Yes, Muraf Yes, Lantis Yes Motion carried Citizen comments: None Adjourned by Supervisor Lantis at 9:05pm on Monday January 16, 2016   Submitted by Becky Muraf Stockbridge Township Clerk

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