Sylvan Township adopts fire code

By Lonnie Huhman,

With the adoption of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1 2018 edition at its March 26 meeting, the Sylvan Township Board makes it clear safety is a priority.

The Chelsea Area Fire Authority has worked for months on getting the communities it serves on board with adopting a code that will give CAFA the ability to among, many important things, to review both commercial and residential development site plans.

CAFA services the city of Chelsea and the townships of Lima, Lyndon and Sylvan.

CAFA Fire Chief Robert Arbini and Lt. Eric Stanley, also Fire Inspector, have given presentations to the townships and city as well as other community groups about the merits of CAFA communities adopting an updated code.

Stanley said the NFPA is a standalone organization that develops codes and standards. He said this code is world recognized, and adopted in over 50 countries, for fire prevention and life safety.

Arbini said new development designs would be reviewed by the CAFA fire inspector to ensure such things as the proper location for fire hydrants and ensuring there is proper accessibility and ingress/egress for emergency vehicles, and hazard material storage.

Arbini said, in part, it would be about ensuring new development designs across the CAFA communities would meet the approved standards and regulations.  

“The adoption of this code has set a standard for commercial buildings, and residential developments to maintain this standard within Sylvan Township, for the fire department to ensure the best for life safety, and fire prevention for its citizens,” Stanley said.

He said CAFA has discussed in length and detail, on what it believes would be the best fire code for the Township, and its citizens.

In their presentations, Arbini and Stanley this said ultimately this is about safety; for residents, businesses, customers and the overall community.

Stanley said, “New developments within the township would have a pre-plan conducted and inspections throughout the building process by the Fire Inspector within the Chelsea Area Fire Authority, to make sure all plans adhere to the NFPA 1 2018 edition.”

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