Sylvan Township and beyond: Property tax exemptions available to those who qualify

By Lonnie Huhman,

If one qualifies for them, there are two taxpayer exemptions available to residents of Sylvan Township that could be very helpful.

These exemptions are also common beyond Sylvan, so residents outside of the township can also take note.  

Cathy Scull, Sylvan Township’s assessor, said the first “is the Poverty Exemption-we prefer to call it a Hardship Exemption-which is available to low income residents.” 

“Each municipality annually approves guidelines and income thresholds for area households that can grant some relief for qualifying low income residents,” Skull said.  

The second exemption, Scull said, is for disabled armed forces veterans. 

“There is an application form available locally or on the State of Michigan website for disabled veterans that are considered to be unable to work,” she said.

Scull emphasized a few more things.

“The applications and guidelines should be available at any city or township hall,” she said. 

Both exemptions are for the current year only which means that they are granted annually and must be reapplied for each year, she said, and another requirement is that this would apply to the applicant’s principal or primary residence only.

According to Scull, the exemptions can be applied for throughout the year and would be heard by the local Board of Review.  The Board of Review has meetings in March, July and December – dates would vary by municipal office. 

Scull said any interested property owner should contact their local assessing office for more information.  

Sylvan’s office is at township hall, 18027 Old U.S. 12, and the assessor’s office can be reached at 734- 475-8890, ext 111 or at

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