Sylvan Township Board Meeting Draft Minutes

October 4, 2016

Call to Order 7:00 p.m.

Moment of Silence for former Supervisor Charlie Burgess and tolling of the Bell

Motion to approve agenda by Schmidt, supported by Cooper: 4 ayes, 1 nay, motion carried.

Motion to approve September 6, 2016 Board meeting minutes by Cooper, supported by Schmidt, all in favor, motion carried.

Motion to approve bills by Schmidt, supported by Branham, all in favor, motion carried.

Presentation of 2015-2016 Audit from John Pfeffer of Pfeffer, Haniford & Palka, CPA:

Public Comment, Committee Reports and Board Reports were received.

Unfinished Business:

Notice for Snow Removal for 60 days for approval by the October meeting: all bids not in yet—for approval at Nov mtg.

Motion by Kennedy to have Schmidt create an RPF to get more comparable quotes, supported by Branham, all approved, motion carried.

Motion to Approve Resolution 16-7 Garvey Railroad Crossing by Schmidt, supported by Kennedy, roll call vote:  Koseck, aye; Branham, aye; Cooper, aye; Kennedy, aye; Schmidt, aye.  Motion carried.  Approximately $75,000 will be given from MDOT to Road Commission to be used on Sylvan Township roads.

New Business:

Discussion on RFQ for an ADA Door in the lobby

Discussion on the repayment of the loan from the General Fund to the Water and Sewer Authority of $500,000:  Board will take up at another time.

Announcement for the deadline for the Sylvan Citizen of the year. Nominations accepted now to November 30.  Form on website.

Tom McKernan will be the new WAVE representative.

Motion to decline Resolution accepting responsibility of operating and maintaining sewer system for St. Louis Center in the event it should become insolvent by Schmidt, supported by Branham, all in favor, motion carried.

Receipt of draft copy of township masterplan. Consideration to authorize distribution of the masterplan per Section 41(1) of Michigan Public Act 33 of 2008 will be taken at the Nov. 1, 2016 regularly schedule board meeting.

Public Comment

Motion to adjourn at 9:03 by Branham, supported by Schmidt.

These a synopsis of minutes.  For minutes in their entirety, go to

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Kennedy

Sylvan Township Clerk

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